Monday, October 31, 2011

Frustrated HIV Patient Bathes Nurse With Acid

Could this be rightly described as a carry over aggression or arrant madness? This is the question on every lip begging for an answer especially the staff of Rivers State School of Health who were taken unawares Friday, October 21, 2011 in full public glare as an HIV patient bathed his counselor, and staff of the health institution, Mrs Ibuwari George in acid.

The HIV patient, a youngman in his late forties (name withheld) had arrived Mrs Ibuwari George’s unit for further counseling on the effects of his drugs, having called earlier to notify her of his coming for a chat not unrelated to his perceived deteriorating condition.

Unsuspicious of any ulterior motive, Mrs George, counselor for HIV infected mothers and children willingly agreed to the request. But little did she know that the patient’s humble request was anything but holy.

Upon arrival, the patient according to Mrs George began to complain that his health was failing him, which Mrs George advised was nothing to worry about so long he kept taking his drugs, promising that his system would soon get used to the drugs. What a psychotherapy and professional advice that fell only on the deaf ears of a dying man.

Prior to this unholy visit, the patient was said to have been calling and complaining of same feeling to which the innocent nurse had counseled him to keep faith with the prescribed drugs. He had earlier been certified sick with very low blood count after a test was conducted on him which prompted his being placed on drugs for boosting etc.

And since he was placed on blood boosting drugs, he was always calling and keeping his counselor posted on the developments but on this particular call, this wicked agent of death seeking for treatment of HIV infection, rather than make do with the nurse’s usual advice and encouragement went gagger, discharging a whole tin of acid on the unsuspecting nurse who is still hospitalized and writhing in pains.

Targeting his victim, the patient was said to have waited patiently until Mrs Ibuwari Geroge came back from her lunch break and while explaining to her how he had fared so far, suddenly opened a bag he carried and brought out a tin which he instantaneously discharged on her and which turned out to be acid.

Mrs Ibuwari shattered at this point, had a hell of raw deal with her clothes and parts of body torn. Largely affected were her chest and lower parts of her breasts.

In the midst of the commotion aroused, staff and other visitors attracted to the scene descended on the blood thirsty HIV patient and would have lynched him to death but for the quick intervention of rescuers.

He was however arrested but was yet to be handed over to the police at the time of filing in this report........,,,,,

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