Wednesday, October 26, 2011


ABACHA - how nah?

GHADAFI - Oboy, I dey ooo

ABACHA - U come late ooo

GHADAFI - Aboki, I tried to gather more cash

ABACHA - U fuck up


ABACHA - U don collect so much, even ...pass my own, u for take off when the yawa gass.

GHADAFI - I no know nah. U know say power and money dey sweet. I thought I had it all to quench any opposition.

ABACHA - When those Obama people don join? I dey craze. Anyway, welcome, we go try next time. We don learn. U go go naija while I go libya since u r not that skillful. U know see say my people no talk until that babe carry her winch come...

GHADAFI - Pls u go teach me well.

ABACHA - But u no try well, I stole about $150B in 5 yrs and u stole $200B in 42 yrs. U be mumu. If na me, I for buy one country join naija!

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