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I was born normal but then stopped growing - Paw Paw

Diminutive Nollywood star, Osita Iheme famously known as Pawpaw recently opened up about a deep pain in his heart, which has continued to stick out like a sore thumb.  The quiet and unassuming thespian in an exclusive chat during a courtesy visit to the Isolo corporate head office of Entertainment Express sensationally revealed that an unresolved mystery still surrounds the death of his dear father, two decades after the sad event occurred.

“With him, I know my academic ambitions would have been realised up to PhD level and so many other things I wanted to do if he were alive today”, he laments.
Recalling the sad event leading to the untimely death of his dear father, the famous entertainer revealed.
“I was very young then. I can’t really say much about him because I was still a baby when he passed on. From what I learnt, he was a trader who travels a lot and was into merchandising. He made sure that his children were well brought up. He raised us with a good moral upbringing and the fear of God. He was that kind of father. He was a tall man. I can’t say this was what killed him. He just went home and we were told that he was dead, meaning he was killed.”

 Read below for more on the rags to riches story of the actor who shot into limelight with the role of Pawpaw in the 2002 blockbuster movie Aki Na Ukwa as he tells a team of EE editors his inspiring sojourn to the top of his career.

I was a normal child while growing up

I am an adult, I am not a child. At anytime, I don’t feel like a child. I was born in the early 80s. I mark my birth every 20th of February. I was a normal baby when I was born. I can’t say that this was when I stopped growing but I just grew up to find myself like this. I just found myself like this and I can’t question God but I keep working hard to become somebody in life. Definitely my mother must have been worried about my growth but what can she do? It has happened and she had to accept the situation the way it was. We are five children in the family including a girl and four boys. I am the last born. Two of my siblings are based in Europe, while the other two are importers. The only lady is working with an oil company.

Raised in Aba

My mother was very hardworking and determined. When I lost my father, she raised us alone. She single-handedly took care of everybody like a man would. She did everything to make sure that I become something in life and I thank God today that she is not disappointed. She is dedicated and hardworking. We were young when our father left us but she ensured that we didn’t feel his absence so much. She was just a trader.
My childhood was rough. Like I said earlier, I lost my dad at a young age. The kind of environment where I grew up, kids were expected to be up and doing and become survivors.  Being streetwise in Aba prepared me for a great life ahead. The kind of orientation I got from that phase of my life taught me that even when there is no job employment, there are a lot of things one can lay one’s hand on and touch good money at the end of the day. If I can survive in Aba, then I can survive anywhere else.

I schooled in Aba at College Primary School and National High School. I am currently in year one studying Computer Science at the University of Lagos (UNILAG). I am in school now because if I had gotten the backing I wanted as a kid, I would have pursued my education up to the level of Ph.D. I was supposed to study Law; it is one course of study I love so much. Of course, I have played the role of a Lawyer in Criminal Law.
My father was killed mysteriously

I lost my father in 1990 under a mysterious circumstance. I was very young then. I can’t really say much about him because I was still a baby when he passed on. From what I learnt, he was a trader who travels a lot and was into merchandising. He made sure that his children were well brought up. He raised us with a good moral upbringing and the fear of God. He was that kind of father. He was a tall man. I can’t say this was what killed him. He just went home and we were told that he was dead. Let me add that he was a chief in his community.

I took after him his composure and confidence. He has a mind of his own and he would tell anyone what is wrong to their face. I also took the ability to be independent and fend for myself from him.
There was no father-figure except my mother. Everything that shaped my personality, I got from my mother. She was also busy playing different roles in our lives at the same time; providing our daily bread and all that. I miss the man because I remember stories my elder ones told me about how he would discipline them. On her part my mother was not an iron lady.

I can’t recall much on how he died, but I asked them what was wrong. I just remember my mother wailing on that particular morning calling my father, Lawyer Ndigbo, a name my late father earned for being a mediator in the community. Interestingly, I had a foreboding of my father’s death in a dream. In my dream, I saw that I lost my dad. When I woke up I shared my dream with them not knowing that it had already happened the previous night. We were living in Aba but my father died in our village. I can’t say that I am a spiritualist but God has a way of communicating with me through dreams. In several other instances in my life, I had received instructions from God through dreams. I am a Catholic and I attend church regularly. I so much believe in God. I don’t mind the attention I get from fans when I attend church. I rarely go to places where my security won’t be guaranteed.

Downside of the celebrity life

Well the price one has to pay as a celebrity is that there is no more privacy for one any longer. I now live constantly in full public glare. Every time one comes out in the public, one has to always look happy even when all is not well because that is when fans would want to take pictures with one. There is a huge demand on the celebrity to be always accommodating to fans at all times. I can no longer enter Okada.
Before I became a celebrity, boarding a motor circle (Okada) was not a big deal.

Managing my size

As for facing discrimination on account of my size, I have never allowed that to happen. I don’t allow what people say to dictate how I see myself. Like I said earlier, I am a strong-minded person and I don’t allow certain things to bug me or weigh me down. I also try to surround myself with positive people. I wouldn’t even give anybody the chance to kill my spirit anyway.

Close shave with death

I can’t recall exactly how it happened but there was an incident when we travelled from Aba to Enugu. I sat in front with the driver. I don’t know what happened to the driver but the next thing I realised was that I had an impact with the dash board. I didn’t make use of a seat belt but the lesson I learnt from that encounter was clear; to always use my seat belt especially when I am on the highway.

Another close shave was when the late Jaiye Aboderin passed on and Aki, Lancelot and I were driving to their home to condole with the bereaved wife and colleague of ours, Stella Damasus. Unfortunately, we ran into a check point manned by armed robbers posing as fake policemen. Sensing what was to befall us, I told Lancelot to zoom past them. But we were unlucky as they flagged us down. Aki who sat at the front was mistaken for a small girl because his hair was in braids at that time. So they assumed he was Lancelot’s daughter. I crawled in between the back seats and was lucky they didn’t discover me.

What I do with my money

I see myself as a leader especially by being able to live up to my responsibilities and delegate duties to others. With the position I have found myself today, I can say that I am a leader. I have varying business interests. There is the Osita Iheme World and Talent Multilinks, which I run with my family. We are into importation and transportation. I am also into micro credit schemes where I assist young people with funds to operate businesses like tricycle business among other things.

Aki and I not fighting

Nothing happened between Aki and I contrary to what is constantly being reported by a section of the media. It’s just that we are no longer living together. We lived together in a flat in Lagos for a long while but at a point the apartment could no longer contain us because each of us had family and friends with us. We tried to search for a Duplex but couldn’t find and opted for separate apartments. People have also said we separated on account of him getting the national honour of MFR, which I did not get. But such people don’t even know that I accompanied him to Abuja to receive the award.

We became friends on the set of Aki Na Ukwa. We met for the first time on that set and they kept us in the same room. After the success of that movie, we further made joint appearances in several other movies and got closer to each other. We got to understand each other more and shared a mutual respect for each other too. I see Aki as my brother. We can have arguments over business or any other thing but we don’t quarrel. People expected us to quarrel but we don’t. I can say it is a divine connection because we never knew each other from Adam yet many people can’t tell if we are blood brothers or just friends. What I like about Aki is that he understands me very well and knows when I am happy and when I am not.
I can be unhappy when I am not getting what I want. For instance, I am somebody who likes to take care of people and when I don’t have the means to do so, it makes me sad. I derive joy from helping people and making people happy. It gives me pleasure when people get something from me.

Shopping for my clothes size

I buy my jeans and other attires the same place as every adult like me. I simply look for a section where I can find my size and shop. I only get custom made clothes when I am providing the fabric material. When I shop for clothes in London, I don’t have to do so in a child-wear boutique, I simply go to a general store and pick my size. When I walk on the streets of London, the reaction I get is the same. A lot of my fans mob me and request for pictures. The only people that can be rude to me on account of my size are fans who get carried away by excitement. I try as much as possible to take pictures with fans and respond to as many as I can.

Face-to-face with crocodile

My latest movie is Mirror Boy which was shot in The Gambia. It was one of my most challenging movies ever. I was made to touch a live crocodile in the movie. Over there, it was not a strange thing because they have a crocodile pool. Initially, I declined to play that part because I was scared for my dear life. But the director and the crew persuaded me and I was face-to-face with the reptile; even went as far as touching the deadly animal. Notwithstanding, that was not the only challenging role I have played in a movie; Criminal Law was another of my very challenging movies. What makes it challenging was the robust dialogue which runs into several pages as well as the interpretation of the characters. I prepare for a role by praying to God for guidance after reading the scripts and accepting to be a part of the movie. This is because I know that once I get into the character, it is another personality entirely and not me. Then I try to familiarize with the other actors playing alongside with me so that we can flow. I am a professional actor, I don’t think that there is any role that I would not like to play.

I’m I a good actor?

What makes a good actor is the ability to play a role convincingly. For me, I didn’t learn acting; it’s just a gift from God. I got a little training from the New York film Academy, aside that everything else I know about acting is just a gift from God. My first movie is entitled Cold Blood, it was released over a decade ago. It was a story about a boy whose father was killed during an armed robbery attack. As an actor I am expected to be versatile, so the ability to play different roles is not a big deal. However, I must confess that playing the role of a kid is challenging no doubt about it, because as an adult, I have to adapt to the mannerisms of a child. I love children so I observe them to be able to play the role of a child very well. Children are very innocent.
The name Pawpaw originated in 2002 after I played a role in the movie Aki na Ukwa. In the movie, Chinedu Ikedieze and I played the roles of Aki and Pawpaw. Since then, the name got stuck. I thank God that the name has helped me a lot and it has opened a lot of doors for me. In fact, it has taken over my real name.

Sam Loco’s death

Sam Loco was a dad. He was someone who comes down to one’s level to make you feel at ease. In spite of his age, he was very down to earth and humble. He has made good money and great name for himself, yet he has no problem relating with anybody. The news of his death came like a rude shock to me. I got the news via Blackberry. Even if one is on stage with him and one forgets ones lines, he will gladly remind one. He was not like the other actors who will just stop and leave you alone to disgrace yourself, he likes to encourage young actors. I acted my first movie, Cold Blood with him.

Me, Marry an actress?

Of course, I can marry an actress. I am already thinking of marriage and it will happen very soon. I don’t know the person yet. I can only say that there a couple of them in the picture who I am considering. But as a young man, I have somebody whom I confide in. It is not about the size or shape but I believe that when I find that person I will know her. Yes, I am still searching. In fact, I am 100 percent still searching. The gist that somebody broke my heart sometime ago is untrue. Love has been kind to me.

Role models

I have role models for different aspects of my life. As an actor, RMD is my role model. I like the way he acts and carries himself although, I have not acted alongside with him before.

Osita Iheme in a nutshell

Osita is not as mischievous as PawPaw in real life. I am a humble guy, dedicated, easy going and God-fearing. I love vegetable soup with pounded yam. I love meat a lot and my preference is liver.

Regret about my size

As to what I would do if I am given a medicine that will make me grow taller, I would check that very well before I decide on what to do. I pray to my God to lead and guide me always. I don’t allow my condition to weigh me down. It has never happened. I have never questioned God at any point in my life before. I can’t say this is the age I stopped growing, it’s something that just happened like that. But I won’t say I stopped growing. I only stopped growing in terms of my height. I know that my condition is similar to that of the late American actor, Gary Coleman. I don’t like talking about death and I don’t believe that I can die young.
I can’t say I have regret really because I know the dream I had for myself. I thank God for where I am today but there are some certain things which I wanted for myself which I have not yet achieved. My father is not alive today to see me become who I am and provide that fatherly guidance. With him, I know my academic ambitions would have been realised up to PhD level and so many other things I want to do. By now, I should be in a better position to take care of more people than I am doing now.

Me and pre-marital sex

I see pre- marital sex as a sin. Of course, we sin sometimes and ask God for forgiveness. Some of us who are now born-again have abandoned some of those life styles. Don’t get me wrong I am not perfect o!


Ben Bruce Disqualified From Bayelsa Governorship Race

Silverbird chairman, Ben Murray Bruce, was yesterday screened out of the Bayelsa governorship race by the Gubernatorial Screening Appeal Committee of the PDP in Bayelsa State, for possessing dual citizenship.

The committee only cleared three candidates; Youpele Kalango, Christopher Enai and Henry Seriake Dickson as eligible candidates to contest in the upcoming Guber election.

The panel also excluded the name of current governor of the state, Timipre Sylva, for allegedly operating foreign accounts.

Who would have thought dual citizenship had a disadvantage? Do you think dual citizenship should be a ground for discrimination?


KILLER PROSTITUTE: Precious Dupriest killed a 63year old client in a Hotel room in Milwaukee
A 19-year-old prostitute, so disgusted that a 63-year-old client repeatedly tried to kiss her when they went to a motel room for sex, strangled the man with a pair of red suspenders, according to a criminal complaint.
Precious Dupriest is charged with first-degree intentional homicide in the slaying of Billy W. Murray, according to the complaint.

Murray was found dead by employees Monday in a room at the Village Inn, 3001 W. Wisconsin Ave.
According to the complaint:

A maintenance worker and a housekeeper went to Room 127 of the motel to inform Murray and Dupriest that it was past the checkout time. When no one answered the door they used a master key to enter the room, where they found Murray on the floor without a pulse and a pair of red suspenders wrapped around his neck.

Drug paraphernalia was lying around the room, and surveillance video captured Dupriest and Murray arriving at the motel in a silver Cadillac. The video showed the two enter the room, Dupriest later leaving the room with what appeared to be the man's pants and Dupriest driving off in Murray's car.

A man who was driving the vehicle when it was pulled over near N. 10th St. and W. Concordia Ave. told police he received the car from Dupriest in exchange for $50 at N. 13th and W. Hadley streets.
When police found Dupriest, she told them Murray picked her up on the street and asked her if she wanted to "get high and have fun," explaining that "having fun" meant performing sex acts.

The two then went to the motel room, where they smoked a $40 piece of crack cocaine.
"The defendant stated that the victim wanted to kiss her and that she told him no because 'that's disgusting,' " according to the complaint.

Murray tried to kiss her several times before she began choking him and they ended up on the floor.
After Murray passed out, Dupriest strangled him with the suspenders to make sure he was dead, according to the complaint.

Dupriest said "she could not stop strangling him because if he woke up then she could end up in trouble," the complaint said.
No bail or custody information on Dupriest was available Friday night.


Bomb Scare In CBN!!!!

Edo State Police Command Anti-Bomb Disposal Unit, weekend, condoned-off Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN’s premises following alleged presence of a black polythene bag suspected to contain a bomb. The action caused panic at the busy Akpakpava Road as people ran for their lives.

Motorists were diverted to other routes as security agents searched frantically with detectors.
It will be recalled that in August, Boko Haram, the dreadful Islamic sect, had threatened to bomb University of Benin and other universities, which caused panic in the affected institutions of learning.
When the scene was visited on Saturday evening, security agents were still around.

An eyewitness said the content of the black bag was not revealed to onlookers by the anti-bomb squad.
Edo State Police Acting Public Relations Officer, Mr. Ejiriro, declined comment on the incident.


Frustrated HIV Patient Bathes Nurse With Acid

Could this be rightly described as a carry over aggression or arrant madness? This is the question on every lip begging for an answer especially the staff of Rivers State School of Health who were taken unawares Friday, October 21, 2011 in full public glare as an HIV patient bathed his counselor, and staff of the health institution, Mrs Ibuwari George in acid.

The HIV patient, a youngman in his late forties (name withheld) had arrived Mrs Ibuwari George’s unit for further counseling on the effects of his drugs, having called earlier to notify her of his coming for a chat not unrelated to his perceived deteriorating condition.

Unsuspicious of any ulterior motive, Mrs George, counselor for HIV infected mothers and children willingly agreed to the request. But little did she know that the patient’s humble request was anything but holy.

Upon arrival, the patient according to Mrs George began to complain that his health was failing him, which Mrs George advised was nothing to worry about so long he kept taking his drugs, promising that his system would soon get used to the drugs. What a psychotherapy and professional advice that fell only on the deaf ears of a dying man.

Prior to this unholy visit, the patient was said to have been calling and complaining of same feeling to which the innocent nurse had counseled him to keep faith with the prescribed drugs. He had earlier been certified sick with very low blood count after a test was conducted on him which prompted his being placed on drugs for boosting etc.

And since he was placed on blood boosting drugs, he was always calling and keeping his counselor posted on the developments but on this particular call, this wicked agent of death seeking for treatment of HIV infection, rather than make do with the nurse’s usual advice and encouragement went gagger, discharging a whole tin of acid on the unsuspecting nurse who is still hospitalized and writhing in pains.

Targeting his victim, the patient was said to have waited patiently until Mrs Ibuwari Geroge came back from her lunch break and while explaining to her how he had fared so far, suddenly opened a bag he carried and brought out a tin which he instantaneously discharged on her and which turned out to be acid.

Mrs Ibuwari shattered at this point, had a hell of raw deal with her clothes and parts of body torn. Largely affected were her chest and lower parts of her breasts.

In the midst of the commotion aroused, staff and other visitors attracted to the scene descended on the blood thirsty HIV patient and would have lynched him to death but for the quick intervention of rescuers.

He was however arrested but was yet to be handed over to the police at the time of filing in this report........,,,,,

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How Chelsea sent Pa Okunsanwo to the grave

A 70-year old man, Pa Tayo Okunsanwo, a staunch supporter of former Premier League champions, Chelsea collapsed and died after the team he supported lost 1-3 to defending champions, Manchester United at Old Trafford, September 18.

September 18th 2011, Pa Okusanwo left his apartment at 34 Adebiyi Street Shomolu, Lagos down the street to a viewing centre located about six houses away.

Pa Okunsanwo, was definitely not prepared for what awaited him when he left his apartment to the viewing centre. With a strong belief in the ability of Chelsea players and their young coach, the septugenarian supporter was sure of victory for the Blues.

Before the end of the match Man United were 3-1 up and the Chelsea man began showing signs of distress. He made attempt to stand up to go but couldn’t.

Eye witness account has it that Pa Okunsanwo managed to stand on his feet but soon went down like a sack. “He collapsed and became speechless. He could not talk again,” Debadola Okunsanwo, son of the late Chelsea supporter recounted.

”Soon after my dad collapsed, I was informed on phone and I rushed down to the place. My father could not say one word when we took him to the house. Before we prepared to go to the hospital, he had given up the ghost,” the son recalled.

He said the body of the late septugenerian had since been taken to Ogun state and buried.



Can you guess this actress? 


This is definitely the best of times for Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo popularly known as D’banj.

The humble young man who already has fleet of cars in his Lekki home, added another one “Aston Martin Vantage”.

Hard music pays, therefore he truly deserves it.

Congrats Man............

What is wrong with this picture.....????

Imagine... What can you say about this Chelsea fan?

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The G.O.O.D Life | D’Banj buys $200,000 Aston Martin Vantage Coupe.Just when you were trying to scrape together N750 MTN credit for your mobile…this comes along. D’Banj is definitely reaping the benefits of his Kanye West/G.O.O.D Music deal.The one known as The Kokomaster has just purchased a 2011 Aston Martin Vantage…his is the Coupe Carbon Black model -starting price $19...6,345 (excluding shipping & clearing). No your eyes are not deceiving you and don’t even bother converting to Naira you’ll just weep. This will be the 2nd luxury vehicle he’s bought this year (him and Don Jazzy bought twin Bentleys in April). The KOKO is definitely in full effect…and I need some of it in my life ASAP. For all those still on their grind…e go better. We sef go buy the one wey pass Bentley & Aston Martin join. Amen.

Video:Annie Macaulay’s uncensored bed room scene in ‘Irresistible urge’

Annie Macaulay's role in a new movie title’ Irrestitible will definately have tongues wagging.

Annie got really explicit kissing,and exposed sensitive part of her body in the flick.

There were equally Obscene scenes which made people think she had lost all sense of decency.

The storyline is centered on the life of Chuks, (a good father and protective husband) who unwillingly became the victim of deadly sexual relationship between his wife's best friend and his ex-lover.

But I wonder why Annie has chosen to thread this ignoble paths.

The movie produced by Magnus film productions.


Ghanaian star actress, Yvonne Nelson has dismissed widespread gist making the rounds that she is pregnant.

Recall few weeks back,there were rumors about the actress being pregnant and that was the reason why she has kept herself from the public scene.

Some have gone even further and speculated that a top Togolese footballer who frequently visit Ghana to see the sexy actress as the man responsible for her pregnancy and added that the actress was expected to give birth in a few months.

In a recent interview with NEWS-ONE,Yvonne denied the pregnancy rumors;she said“Where is this one too coming from? Even though I wish to happily get married one day and have children, it is not true that I am pregnant. I have been shooting for the past two months. I had one movie in Nigeria and three in Ghana. There is no pregnancy. I tweeted a picture from a movie and said I’m pregnant in my new movie. I’m sure that was what people saw and started making noise about.”

“I’m not pregnant. It will be good news to get pregnant. It is every woman’s dream to get married and make babies like I said earlier on. If it is not there yet, you don’t make it look as such. I’m not pregnant. That is what people need to know now. When the right time comes, definitely everybody will know,”
she emphasized.

Prophet Arrested For Raping Daughter

Elijah Oluwafemi
An Ogun State Chief Magistrate’s Court, southwest Nigeria, has ordered that a prophet, Elijah Olufemi Soneye, be remanded in prison for allegedly torturing his 17-year-old daughter. He allegedly sucked her breasts and ordered her to hold his penis under threat.

The 53-year-old prophet of New Word Covenant Embassy, Cherubim & Seraphim Church, Ijoko, Ogun State, southwest Nigeria, was arraigned before the Ota magistrate’s court on a two-count charge of torture and assault.

The charge reads: “that you Elijah Oluwafemi Soneye, on 14 October 2011, at about 3 p.m. at New Word Covenant Embassy, Oshodi Chamber, Ijoko, unlawfully tortured your 17-year-old daughter by tying her with a cow rope and caning her till she had bruises all over her body, and also assaulting her by sucking her breasts and ordering her to hold your manhood under threat until you ejaculated, thereby committing an offence punishable under Section 360 of the Criminal Code.”
The accused pleaded not guilty.

The presiding Magistate, Alhaji A. Adenariwo granted him bail in the sum of N120,000 with two sureties.
The case was adjourned till 17 November 2011.

Meanwhile, mother of the victim, Mrs Soneye, told P.M.NEWS outside the court that she had been separated from her husband for the past 15 years because he was maltreating her.
She said she narrowly escaped being killed when he allegedly held her by the neck for some minutes until she started urinating on herself.

She stated that her son Michael Soneye and the victim told her that they wanted to go and live with their father because she did not have enough money to take proper care of them, and she obliged.

According to her, after four months, the victim came and told her that the father wanted to make love to her and she ran away from him.

She said on 15 October, her friend called to say that her daughter was in her house. She rushed home and when she saw her daughter , the girl’s body was swollen and there were bruises all over her body.
Mrs. Soneye said her daughter told her that their father was making love to her.

She was taken to a hospital where she is currently receiving treatment.

The doctor also confirmed that the girl has been deflowered.

The girl reportedly stated that her father told her he is the only one that can make love to her and she should never allow any other person to make love to her.

Source- PM News


Azubuike Udensi, the boss of Consolidated Fortunes Ltd, one of the biggest promoters of Nollywood movies, has passed on. Late Azubuike was the man who marketed landmark Nollywood films like Nneka the Pretty Serpent, Tears For Love, Onome, Brotherhood of Darkness, etc.

May his soul rest in peace…..........amen.

Revealed!!!...Reason Why Sam-Loco Never Allowed His Children Into Acting

Bismarch Efe
Sam Loco’s eldest son, Bismarch Efe explained why his Dad did not encouraged his children to take after him in the area of acting.This was what he said:

"We grew up in Benin and we are also popular in our own rights not because of him. But because of who we are, he never encouraged us to go into acting.

Maybe, he didn’t really like acting as a profession. He may have liked it for himself ,but not for his children to be part of the profession. Until recently, the industry was not very rewarding. He suffered a lot and went through a lot of difficulties to achieve what he achieved in life. That could be part of the reason he didn’t want us to go into the profession . Because he never knew what the future would hold in stock for us."

This is not the only experience we have heard of some celebrities not encouraging their children to take after them,but what do you think could be their major reasons,because,it is the joy of every father to see his children took after him,but its a different ball game,most especially in the celeb world?

Bad Boy Strangled Innocent Mother To Death!

A 28-year old man, Segun Bakare has been charged to Ijeshatedo Magistrate’s court, Lagos State, southwest Nigeria for killing his mother, Mrs. Kudirat Bakare.

Segun was alleged to have used a rope and strangled Kudirat while she was asleep.

While Kudirat was struggling to save her life, Segun ensured that she died by using a broken bottle to stab her.

The incident happened at 3, Musa Street, Mushin, Lagos, in their family house.

The circumstance that led Segun to murder Kudirat was not clear yet. However, it was gathered that Segun had a quarrel with the late Kudirat after which he left their house.

Later, he returned while his mother was asleep and reportedly tied her neck with a rope and strangled her, broke a bottle and stabbed her all over her body.

She bled profusely and died before she could be taken to hospital. After that, Segun attempted to escape but he was held by their neighbours who handed him to the police.

The police later charged him to court.

Part of the charge reads: “That you, Segun Bakare did kill Mrs. Kudirat Bakare by stabbing her to death.”

The offence, according to the police, was contrary to section 319 of the criminal code cap 38, vol. 2 laws of Lagos state of Nigeria 2004.

When the matter came up at the court, the prosecutor, Inspector Ezekiel Ayorinde, informed the court that the nature of the crime was a capital offence and sought the permission of the court to seek the DPP’s advice.

Consequently, the presiding magistrate, Mrs. D. T. Olalokun ordered that he should be remanded at Kirikiri Maximum Prison, Apapa, Lagos pending when the DPP’s advice would be ready.

The matter was adjourned.

Source- P.M News

This is so heartless....your own mother..????

What is wrong with this picture.....????

Two Unidentified Girls making out.

Lesbianism has reached new Heights in this Country....

Friday, October 28, 2011

“I Caught My Wife With A Man In A Hotel, But I Still Love Her” —Man Tells Court

“My wife is unfaithful; I once caught her coming out of a hotel with another man around 6:30 pm. She told me that the man was her brother’s friend. But I still love her,” 42-year-old Wasiu Oyekanmi told an Igando Customary Court sitting in Lagos, southwest Nigeria.

Oyekanmi’s wife, Sherifat, 34, had earlier asked the court to dissolve their twelve-year-old childless marriage due to irreconcilable differences.

She told the court that their marriage, which did not produce any child, started crumbling when her husband started accusing her wife of infidelity.

“We did introduction and he paid dowry on me but I don’t love him anymore. He always monitors my movement, he accuses me of extra marital affairs,” she said.

The fashion designer also told the court that her husband did not care for her.

“When I lost my mum, he did not contribute a dime to the funeral.”

Oyekanmi, however, denied it all, saying he was doing his best to cater for his wife.

“When her mother died, I had the highest number of guests and I catered well for them. I gave my wife N50,000 to buy and sell Ankara material and I later gave her N10,000. I do care for her in my own little way,” Oyekanmi said.

The president of the court, Mr Adewale Eko, however adjourned the matter for further hearing.

—Jamiu Yisa

Picture: Nigerian police officers rumble one another over 100 Naira

This picture clearly shows, what is most important to our police officers, rather than protecting the streets, they are rolling on top one another over money.. This na serious mata..but are you suprised????

EDO State Pastor Rapes 12 Years Old Chorister

Sapele-Police in Edo State have arrested a pastor who allegedly raped a 12-year-old choir member of his church at Afuda in Uromi,Esan North-East Local Government Area of the state.Some residents of the area, who were infuriated by the incident, have destroyed some church equipment, while the pastor was detained at the Uromi Police Divisional headquarters and is undergoing interrogation.

Narrating her ordeal to newsmen Tuesday, the victim said she had gone to church for choir rehearsals when the pastor grabbed her and had carnal knowledge of her in his office.She said herself and three other children were in the church awaiting the arrival of other members, when the pastor and founder of the church drove into the premises and asked of their names.She said after they had given their names, the pastor called her into his office, asked her to sit on his laps and later raped her.

She said the incident made her bleed.Father of the victim, an operator of a rental service, told newsmen that he was barely two months old as a member of the church.He noted with regret how joining the church had caused him pains, because he never expected that his daughter could undergo such unfortunate experience.He appealed to government and the police to ensure that justice was done in the case to serve as a deterrent to other randy pastors.......

Why I couldn’t date Genevieve – D’banj

Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo aka D’banj is at the peak of his career and unlike other artists who begin a gradual fade on attaining this point, D’banj has proven without doubt that he is just beginning.

Like the extremely talented artist that he is, his songs have been able to completely transform his financial destiny for good.

However, like every true romantic tale, Dbanj still searches for the love of his life. In march last year, he was enshrouded in the biggest mystery ever to rock the Nigerian entertainment industry. The story began with the rumour that the Fall in love crooner was dating Nollywood superstar Genevieve Nnaji and gossip tabloids had fed on it like flame.

The alleged relationship had in a matter of weeks moved from rumour to ‘reality’ when the Fall in love video was released in May and both “love birds” were involved heavily in the video to the extent of sharing white hot kisses.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Dbanj was reported to have granted an interview to a publication (not Vanguard) where he allegedly confirmed his involvement with Genevieve.

We can however authoritatively tell you that all that was a lie. We can also confirm that both stars may have considered dating.

Dbanj told us in a interview that “I think Genevieve is a stunner and I could date or love her. But we didn’t date. She’s my friend and a star you know. We’re close and we both understand that things couldn’t work out.”

Well that’s it and hopefully, this should silence rumour mongers once and for all.

He went on to shed more light on the controversial video saying “ I really can’t remember, but that fall in love video cost between N4m to N5m. I ‘m not too sure. But I think it’s a beautiful idea if not for the way everyone is trying to go about it.

We had options of whom to use in the video, but at the end of the day, we saw that it’s an African song and by that time I had already played it in about fifty weddings.”

That song was recorded two years before the video was released and it remains my biggest song ever. I wanted to make a statement with it.”

He made more than a statement with the song. After the release of it’s video in May, he was chased across the streets by reporters. His manager and the entire Mo’Hit’s crew also ran for cover.

His aged parents were not spared too as reporters forced them to grant interviews stating they do not know of any such relationship between Genevieve and their son.

It was so much that at some point both Dbanj and Genevieve were rumoured to have left the country to avoid the rather embarrassing confrontations.

Source- Vanguard

It Is A Baby Girl For Beyonce and Jayz

It's been all about the baby bump up until now, but the latest Beyonce baby news is that she's having a girl!

A close friend of Beyonce and her hubby, Jay-Z, broke the news to, saying that although Beyonce would be happy with either sex, she really wanted a little lady.

"Beyonce is thrilled she's having a daughter,"
revealed the friend. "She and her mother are so close, and she's wanted to have that relationship with her own child."......

With a mumma like Bee, we reckon this bub is going to be one fierce female!

Should Prostitution be Legalised in Nigeria?

Deputy Senate president, Ike Ekeweremadu, wants it legalized. According to him:

"We need to regulate prostitution in this country so that if anyone wants to indulge in prostitution, the person should be registered and issued with a license. If we say we want to stop it, it would be difficult. It is done in other countries; let us regulate it by issuing license."

Should prostitution be legalized in Nigeria? Please share your thoughts.


Crooner D’banj just released his latest album entitled,’Oliver Twist’ where he proudly says,I like Nadia Buari cos she no dey drink garri right?Well,the real Oliver Twist is none other than D’Banj himself as he can’t seem to get enough of women,especially the A-list ones in society.

The crooner is currently in a hush hush romance with Ghanaian actress and mother of two,Nadia Buari.And the actress was spotted a fortnight ago(precisely on Friday-Saturday,October 14,15 2011)at the crooner’s house where she spent the weekend and paraded herself in a sexy night attire.

Other sources also confirm that the two have been an item long before now and have been spotted many times together in Ghana as well.

From the look of things,it seems the crooner has a thing for celebrated ladies.It is not a crime but abeg,take it easy because you are leaving behind a string of broken hearted celebrities who cannot openly come out and say so because they let you date and dump them secretly.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Australian press not Happy with our President

Here's an article written by Amanda O'Brien for The Australian Newspaper

The mysterious non-appearance of Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan at a packed CHOGM forum yesterday where he was scheduled to outline his country's mining potential, failed to stop his delegation launching a strong bid for investors to get on board.
Nigeria has one of the biggest delegations with more than 120 people and its towering President with his distinctive black hat has cut an imposing figure at the business forum all week.
But there was no explanation yesterday when he failed to appear for two scheduled speeches.
 Nigerian Mines and Steel Minister Musa Mohammed Sada took his place, declaring Nigeria "the last frontier" for mineral exploration in west Africa as he touted for investors.
Mr Sada said substantial mining was happening in all the neighbouring countries as "big-time mining companies" recognised their mineral worth, and Nigeria wanted to join in.
So if he wasn't going to attend the forum, why did he go to Australia?



"Having kids with different women definitely affected me. But all in all, people will talk, others will criticize, while some will rejoice at their fellow man's misfortune because that's how human beings are. But I was really affected. Would I have been bigger is if it hadn't happened? That I don't know. Maybe all thos...e things happened to prevent me from doing something worse. Polygamy was never part of my plan. Everybody has their plans and mine was never to be polygamous. But I would have done the same thing again, which is to accept the children. I love my children".-2Face Idibia

Source:(Encomium magazine)

Pictures:Former Gov. Bola Tinubu Refuses To Be Docked At CCB Tribunal

By Saharareporters, New York

Fromer governor of Lagos state and  leader of Nigeria’s Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN),   Bola Ahmed Tinubu, on Tuesday mounted a legal obstacle against his trial before the Code of Conduct Tribunal [CCT] for allegedly operating 16 foreign bank accounts between 1999 and 2007 when he was governor of Lagos State.

At the dramatic hearing, not only did the former Governor vigorously refuse to take his place in the dock, he filed a preliminary objection challenging the competence of the charge and the jurisdiction of the Tribunal on the grounds that it lacks the territorial jurisdiction to venture into the charge.

His counsel, Wole Olanikpekun, urged the court to decline its jurisdiction to proceed with the matter and to quash all the three-count charges against Tinubu. 

When the matter was called, the former governor, who had scores of supporters on hand, refused to step into the dock.  

The situation indicated a new strategy for Tinubu. When he was arraigned two months ago, on September 21, 2011, he willingly entered the dock and stayed there for about three hours.  Pictures of the ACN chieftain looking forlorn in the dock thereafter made the rounds and stunned many observers, as it must have done Tinubu and his lawyers when they later saw them.   

Yesterday, his refusal to enter the dock, which is necessary before a plea can be entered, marked a clear departure from that experience. 

Citing legal authorities, Mr. Olanikpekun objected to the invitation of the tribunal’s chairman, Justice Umar Yakubu for Mr. Tinubu to step into the dock, arguing that until his client was arraigned before the court, he could not be put in the dock.

He told Justice Yakubu, “My lord, with due respect, I will be objecting to the request by the accused to enter the dock. Was it right for the court to command an accused person to go into the dock when he has not been arraigned? Besides, he is challenging the competence of the charge. The objection is on the legality or validity of the charge.”

Responding, the prosecutor, Alex Aigbe Izinyon, submitted that the accused person should be deemed as being absent from court as his being in the courtroom did not translate into his presence in court unless he took his place in the dock and his plea taken.  But he conceded to Mr. Olanikpekun that the accused does not need be in court before his application challenging the jurisdiction of the court could be argued.

Still, said Mr. Izinyon, “When he has not taken his plea, but is in court, he must be in the dock to show his presence in court.

Mr. Olanikpekun argued that the charges are nebulous and empty, and do not disclose any prima facie case against Mr. Tinubu.  He also argued that the Bureau breached the condition precedent principle when it refused to invite his client to its office to hear from him, as it had done with other former governors, before preferring charges against him.

“What the Bureau has done is like putting something on nothing. Neither the Bureau nor the Chairman has invited the accused person in relation to the three-count charge as stipulated in section 3 of the Code of Conduct Act,” he said, adding that what is good for the goose is good for the gander.”

Mr. Olanikpekun described the charges against Mr. Tinubu as “speculative” and amounted to hearsay under Sections 115, 116 and 117 of the Evidence Act in view of the fact that the prosecution did not disclose the name of the informant.

The defence counsel said the CCB Tribunal was an abuse of court processes as a similar case with the same subject matter initiated against the accused person was still subsisting at the Court of Appeal, and dismissed the contention of the prosecution that the case has been withdrawn.  He said a withdrawal of the charges has to be by means of a formal pronouncement of the court and not a mere letter of withdrawal as the one paraded by the prosecution.

Finally, Mr. Olanipekun challenged the territorial competence of the court in Abuja as the appropriate venue is Lagos where the alleged offence was committed.

“In a criminal trial, the law is that the court must seat at the place where the alleged offence was committed,” he said. “There is no law that says the tribunal must seat in Abuja over the matter.”

Dr. Izinyon urged the tribunal to throw out the objections of the defence and proceed with the trial of the accused person, insisting that a prima facie case has been established against Mr. Tinubu and that the court is competent to hear it.

Drawing the attention of the court to Section 17 of the Code of Conduct Act, he stressed that a nominee, trustee or any agent of a public officer may be deemed to have committed an offence adding that at this stage, it is premature to say that the charges are defective.”

With reference to the defence’s argument concerning an abuse of court process, Mr. Izinyon said the earlier charges against Mr. Tinubu were withdrawn by the Attorney General of the Federation using his powers under Section 174 of the amended 1999 constitution, and urged the court to reject the argument.

On the issue of non-fulfillment of conditional precedent, Mr. Izinyon said the Bureau had the discretion as to whether or not to invite people to make statements before it. 

Finally, on the subject of jurisdiction, Izinyon argued that the Tribunal was a clothed with federal jurisdiction and can therefore conduct its sittings in any part of the country.

The Tribunal reserved until November 30, 2011 its decision as to whether or not it has territorial jurisdiction to try Mr. Tinubu.  On that day, it would also announce its verdict on Tinubu’s application to quash the three-count charge preferred against him by the Federal Government.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


ABACHA - how nah?

GHADAFI - Oboy, I dey ooo

ABACHA - U come late ooo

GHADAFI - Aboki, I tried to gather more cash

ABACHA - U fuck up


ABACHA - U don collect so much, even ...pass my own, u for take off when the yawa gass.

GHADAFI - I no know nah. U know say power and money dey sweet. I thought I had it all to quench any opposition.

ABACHA - When those Obama people don join? I dey craze. Anyway, welcome, we go try next time. We don learn. U go go naija while I go libya since u r not that skillful. U know see say my people no talk until that babe carry her winch come...

GHADAFI - Pls u go teach me well.

ABACHA - But u no try well, I stole about $150B in 5 yrs and u stole $200B in 42 yrs. U be mumu. If na me, I for buy one country join naija!

In Pictures:Patience Jonathan's Surprise Birthday Party In Australia

Mrs. Patience Jonathan, Nigeria's first lady was given a 'surprise' birthday party in Perth, Australia today Oct 26th, by her husband and her handlers. The Governor of Benue State, Gabriel Suswam conducted the birthday ceremony.

The president and the first lady are currently in Australia to participate in the 2011 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM).

Photo credit: PM News


A few weeks ago Kelly Hansome released a remake/remix of a song, I’m feeling good which was originally recorded by 2face & dbanj. The “remix” of the song featured 2face & Kelly Hansome and was on the web for a few hours before taken down.

Fast forward to today, and we get this in our mail box. Go ahead & read:

Yesterday Monday 24th October 2011, at the Garki Police Command Headquarters of the Nigeria Police Force, one Kelechi Obinna Orji, also known as “kelly hansome” was brought in to the said Station and taken into custody and remanded on bail in the sum of eight hundred thousand Naira (N800,000.00) concerning, among other things, his admitted willful infringement of the intellectual property rights (copyright) of Mo’Hits Records Limited.
He signed an Undertaking and Apology in favour of the said Mo’Hits Records at about 4p.m., witnessed by several police officers (including Chief Superintendent Victor Erivwode, the Divisional Police Officer). A scan of the said Undertaking is attached to this email. He undertook to refrain from further use of Mo’Hits Recprds Limited’s material, released or unreleased, and offered profuse apologies to Mo’Hits Records Limited. He also appeared to be convincingly remorseful to everyone at the Station, including the extremely distraught father of his equally embarrassed friend mr Rex in Abuja.
The Police Station was attended by the said kelly hansome and his advisers and counsel for his part, and by representatives and counsel for Mo’Hits Records Limited

Copy of undertaking:

Kelly Hansome and the Mo-Hits camp haven’t gotten along for a few years now, and Kelly Hansome has released a few diss records directed at them.

Kelly hansome had this to say on his twitter page recently:I do hereby order all online media outlets to desist 4rm further use of the song(feeling good by Tuface&Dbanj- Kelly Hansome remix)..


"Baba Suwe Is Using High Level Black Magic On Us" - NDLEA Officials

CONTROVERSY continues to trail the arrest of popular home video actor cum comedian, Babatunde Nurudeen Omidina, popularly called Baba Suwe.

Though, the anti-drug scanning machine at the airport which screened Baba Suwe detected some drugs hidden in his stomach leading to his arrest and eventual detention by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA)....

The popular comedian has excreted three times but no traces of hard drugs were found in his excreta on the three occasions. This led to outcries from members of the public especially Baba Suwe’s colleagues in the Yoruba genre of Nollywood calling for the release of the comedian. His lawyers have even slammed a N100 million suit on the anti-drug agency.

However, the controversy deepens last Friday when a Lagos High Court gave the NDLEA authority to hold on to the comedian for 15 more days. This was sequel to the new discovery by a CT scan conducted on the actor which revealed that indeed there are drugs logged his body.

The raging controversy has been whether it is true that the actor has some drugs in his body. Many are of the belief that if indeed Baba Suwe has drugs in his body, he could have health problems since he was arrested. “If indeed he has hard drugs in his body, he should have died since,” Sade Oloriebi, an actress stated.

But the NDLEA would not have none of this. According to the anti-drug agency, Baba Suwe’s case is not isolated as there have been similar cases in the past. “In fact we have had cases where the accused raised curses on us after excreting three times but no drugs were discovered on them. However, after CT scans were carried out on them and drugs were discovered, they ate humble pie,” an official of NDLEA said.

Another controversy introduced into the matter now was the issue of juju popularly called Africa Magic. “There was no doubt about it. He was carrying drugs but we know he is powerful spiritually. The drugs may have disappeared through juju. The machine actually detected drugs in his system,” an official of NDLEA at the Airport disclosed.

Another NDLEA official corroborated his colleague’s claim. “Our machine detected it at the Airport, people said we are telling lies that we are just witch hunting him now that the CT scan conducted at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) has confirmed drugs in his body again what will people say? The fact remains that this man is using high level juju on us,” he said.

For those who are bringing in the juju angle, they pointed to the actor’s different postures as the drama unfolds. When he was first arrested, it was discovered that Baba Suwe was a little bit jittery. But as event unfolds, he started regaining his confidence leading to the show of support by his colleagues. He was even reported to have boasted to close friend and colleague, Jide Kosoko that even if he was asked to excrete one thousand times, they would not find anything on him.

This Is So Silly Of a Father!!!!

 As giant waves swept up by gales were battering the seafront in Sunderland, this unnamed man took his young child out in a pushchair for an extremely hazardous walk. What a dad...!

Culled from Linda`s blog

Picture:Jim Iyke Acquires New Exotic Cars Worth Millions

The actor acquired a Plymouth Prowler Convertible and a Camero SS Convertible worth millions of Naira recently.

 check out his tweet below:

Picture:Tonto Dike's newest tatoo

This girl badt gan oooooo.....The actress got the tattoo in the US while touring with the Damage Movie cast.

Do you like it???

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ben Bruce To Run For Governor Of Bayelsa State

Chairman of Silverbird Group, Ben Murray-Bruce is set to declare his intention to run for the governorship of Bayelsa State.

The former Director General of Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) is said to have already picked up his ‘Expression of Interest and Nomination’ form over the weekend and any time from now should officially announce his intentions.

Submissions of forms close today in preparations for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) primaries scheduled for November 19, 2011.

The list of others who have already picked nomination forms are the present governor of the state Timipre Sylva, Henry Seriake Dickson, Boloubo Orufa and Christopher Enai among others.

"My B00bs Are Like Water Melon, Not Oranges" - Cossy

Hmm, though I am not in the habit of starting a news story this way, but emergency has made me to. But wait a minute, what should we do about Cossy Orjiakor? She is always finding one way or the other to creep herself in the news. Well, let me get serious now.

This movie scarce actress cum dancer, and later a forced singer, who is largely endowed in her front upper body with aki and pawpaw, is no news that she is in the news again. This time, for the usual reason as she has always been.

For Cossy, if you got it, you flaunt it. That is why what she is greatly endowed with, succulent b00bs, has been a great source of news story to we journalists, all credits to her for that. Oh, did I just say succulent b00bs? How did I know it was succulent? Sorry, I have not touched it o. don’t even think in that direction.

Just some hours ago, this tiny voiced Imo State Omalicha dropped a bombshell when she said, “My b00bs are not like oranges, so stop. Water melons will be more like it because I am 34gg. Oranges are for C-cups”. Do you now know why I said succulent b00bs (like water melon)?

Just some days ago during her birthday bash, she made a cake for herself that had the shape of her water melon b00bs. And she was quick to say that there was no need for her to flaunt her b00bs to the delight of guest at the party, as the cake had already done that for her.

Hmm, Cossy, just as you quoted a part of the bible to your accusers on your picture with Ruggedman, this is one for you, “God loves a cheerful giver.” .....

Written By Osaremen Ehi James

Confirmed!!!..Why Ghanaian babes Trip For Naija Guys.

City People Magazine just did a write up about Ghanaian babes going seriously crazy over Naija guys, not just because of their cash but also their swag and confidence. Apparently a Ghanaian big babe attested to the fact that,

"Nigerians are very romantic and caring unlike the Ghana guys who don't see it as a necessity to spend and take care of a woman you can't believe in most cases we are the ones that take care of the relationship and not even the guys that's why you hardly see correct Ghana babes dating a Ghana guy. Also they are seen as not very hardworking people which results to their low income and of course you know what that means but for the Nigerians, oh my God they have got so much to offer and they are just so good in everything".

Naija,we too much abeg...

Pictures:Unemployed Youths And Students Stop Gov. Uduaghan Birthday Party In Warri

 Youth groups in Warri, Delta state yesterday took to the streets to protest mass unemployment in the state. The unemployed graduates led by a youth activist and leader of the "unemployed Graduates Association of Nigeria, Progress Omo-Agege forced the governor of the state, Mr. Emmanuel Uduaghan to abandon his birthday party scheduled for the city.

Mr. Uduaghan and his guests fled the city after the protesters blocked major streets and highway leading to Warri metropolis chanting revolutionanry songs.