Sunday, September 18, 2011

Woman sues husband over inadequate sex

A French wife sued her husband and won about $14,000 because he didn’t have sex with her enough, according to Time.

The wife sued her husband about two years ago for the waning bedroom activity over 21 years of marriage, and now the Nice, France, judge has ruled that a lack of copulation is indeed a violation of the marital contract.

“A sexual relationship between husband and wife is the expression of affection they have for each other, and in this case it was absent,” the judge ruled, according to the Telegraph. “By getting married, couples agree to sharing their life and this clearly implies they will have sex with each other.”

Now husbands and wives must take note that the phrase, “Not tonight, honey,” could end up costing quite a bit more than a bruised ego and grumbled acceptance.

Of course, some men also take extreme measures in dissolving relationships. In 2009, a North Dakota man requested half the value of his wife’s breast job when the two split. Erik Isaacson appealed his judge’s decision to exclude the value of the procedure from the divorce case. The judge worried that if breast implants were considered as marital assets, the precedent would extend to other, more necessary medical procedures like root canals or even hip replacements, according to the Bismarck Tribune.

No argument from Isaacson there: He also wanted his wife’s Lasik vision surgery counted as an asset. One Egyptian woman, however, might have the most valid of the three divorce requests. According to Urban Titan, the woman had to bring her husband to court because he refused to bathe for their entire first month of marriage.

The man claimed an allergy to water prevented him from maintaining proper hygiene and a doctor backed up his excuse. Though the doctor’s validation of the water allergy made ending the marriage more difficult, the woman did eventually get to split from her husband. One can only imagine that she would not be complaining about lack of bedroom activity.

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