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Why I will consider marriage–Stephanie Okereke

Sexy actress, Stephanie Okereke’s the toast of movie buffs and brand advertisers any day. Without doubt, what has helped her to attain this height is hard work coupled with her undiluted talent which she has used amazingly in interpreting some difficult movie roles. It was no surprise then to her teeming fans when she was recently appointed by Kanekalon Corporation, Japan, makers of hair fibre, as its ambassador in Nigeria and across the black continent. As expected, after signing the deal, she has been busy shooting commercials for the company and moving from one movie location to the other.In this interview she speaks about her new endorsement deal, love life, career, fashion secrets, lifestyle amongst other interesting issues.


Not quite long ago, you were appointed the brand ambassador for Kanekalon Hair; how has it been so far?

Yes, it’s been very fulfilling. Working with the Kanekalon team is such a blessing. The love the company has for the African woman is both heart-warming and inspiring; and to represent the entirety of African women, who are praised for their beauty, modesty, and sense of purpose, is amazing for me.

You’re a very busy actress with lots of movie roles always knocking at your door. How do you manage your movie career, personal projects like the VVF Scourge project and now the Kanekalon deal, without one affecting the other?

We’re all blessed with the ability to multi-task to some extent. I’m passionate about a lot of things, and given the platform, I’d like to demonstrate my passion and ability. Life demands that we give every desire a certain push, committing time, prayer, and resources to it all. I’ve been able to identify with some of the things that make my heart beat, and I’m pursuing them head on. Every business or project I take on is distinct and well spelt out so they run their full course.

What has been the achievement so far with the VVF charity campaign?

It always amazes me when I see the transformation a word of love and care, a small contribution, or prayer, or a shoulder to cry on can help another human being. For me, the VVF project is something that I strongly believe I was created to be a part of. I feel my heart go out to these women, their plight, their pain, physical/psychological trauma. To be there to tell them “it will be alright,” is the most beautiful thing to give to another human being. Now, I’m working with a couple of organisations to give out food, clothing, and support in any way to these women. To some extent my perfume that’s now being made is also an inspirational idea I got while on the field helping these women. Every woman wants to feel beautiful, she wants to be loved, she wants to smell good, and be admired. A disease like VVF takes all that away. I’m happy to be part of a team that’s doing all it can to give them back a piece of their beauty.

We learnt you’re also proposing to launch a web magazine. Could you please let us have an insight into what it’s all about?

It’s a platform to share my experiences and get to talk with my friends every day. It’s my own community where we eat together, pray together, and love one another.

I want you to talk about your perfume you’re about to launch.

It’s still in the works, and soon all the details on that project will be unveiled. I’m excited!

Your last movie, Through the Glass, was much talked about and commended. What else should we expect from you movie wise?

Another movie of course! A movie that will exhibit more versatile work. It’s tentatively titled, ‘Dry.’ I’ll be putting all my eggs in one basket on this one; that is, give it all the focus and attention it needs to be a great movie!

From your own point of view, what does it take to become a successful actress and producer?

Grow. Do not be in a hurry. Enjoy the process; learn from it; become better; and allow yourself the opportunity to grow. Life’s a journey, enjoy the walk. Never be in a hurry to get to the end, you might need to take a walk back and start all over again if you do not give yourself room to grow naturally.

You’re a prominent actress, a brand ambassador, a role model with loads of other achievements, what else would you like to achieve?

I’m grateful for my life, for the opportunities that have revealed themselves. I’m looking forward to having my own family; to be a wife and a mother must be one of the most beautiful experiences ever. I’m looking forward to that.

There’s no doubt that fame comes with scandals. When you’re at times badly reported in the media, how do you react?

I breathe. That’s important because then you have a clear view of the situation, then you can act. Any measure you take, as long as your mind is at peace, you can do to deal with whatever issues that come your way.

Who’s your ideal man?

Lover of God. Kind. Considerate. Passionate. Industrious. It’s a list that’s encompassing. Everyone desires someone that makes them smile.

There’s no doubt that you’re beautiful, tell me your beauty routine?

I keep a positive spirit! It’s the best medicine for good health, youthfulness and long life!

What’s your favourite perfume and what do you use for your hair treatment?

I’ve discovered Kanekalon, and there’s no going back. I think every African woman should indulge in the beauty of the product.

Which fashion item can you not do without?

The magic of lip gloss! Just a dab and your facial appearance ignites.

In your own definition, what’s love?

Love is what the Bible says – be kind, do not keep records of wrong-doing, etc. Love is being sincere and giving the best part of you to people or to just someone.


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