Sunday, September 18, 2011

Soyinka Blasts Obasanjo Over Visit to Boko Haram

Following the visit made by Obasanjo to Boko Haram, Wole Soyinka makes some very interesting statements. Wole Soyinka tags Obasanjo's visit as an insult to the families of the victims to UN bomb blast.Below are Soyinka`s words:

"Was it an accident of timing, or was it deliberate, that this ex-militrician president undertook his visit at the very time when certainly the major part of the nation – either physically or in spirit, mostly the latter – attempted to come together in communion with the souls of the departed, and in sympathy with the trauma of the survivors?

"Let us not mince words here - this must be one of the crassest, most insensitive, self ingratiating acts ever recorded in the history of any nation in recent memory. It is known as an ego trip. You do not play ‘statesman’ over the mangled bodies of victims, least of all where their violators insist on the righteousness of their very conduct.

"That a former head of state should pay a visit to the symbol – dead or alive – of the massacre of innocents anywhere and under any condition, at the very moment of memorialising the victims, is a despicable, opportunistic and revolting act that desecrates the memories of the victims. If Yusuf Mohammed had a tomb, could it be that Obasanjo would also have included a pilgrimage, hat in hand and shoes on his head, to meditate at the tomb of the ‘martyrs’?"

"What has happened here is a pitiable spectacle that covers a nation in shame – and let there be no mistake, it is anything but passive. It is an act of aggression, a slap in the face of the bereaved and wounded, including the permanently disfigured. It desecrates the memory of the fallen and casts doubts on any claim to humanism and capacity for compassion of the Nigerian people. It has turned the commemoration event a charade, a ceremonial gathering, an empty husk without the germ of authentic fellow feeling."

Probing further, he said,
"Is it conceivable, however, that ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo could have gone on such a loaded mission – a politically loaded mission with endless international ramifications - without the knowledge and/or blessing, even of the tacit kind, of a serving Head of State? This nation deserves direct answers, without evasion. Was it the lone ranger mission of a desperate loser at all levels of ongoing political stakes? If not, who initiated the move, and who authorized it? President Goodluck Jonathan, this nation and – make no mistake about it – the international community - demand to know!"

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