Friday, September 16, 2011


It has been difficult to believe any alleged story on the Ogun State born actor, Odunlade Adekola who recently won N10million contract from the Nigerian telecoms giants, Globalcom, but this time he was alleged of sleeping with upcoming actress before he get them roles either in his written and produced movies or any of his directing movie contract.

According to the source who revealed secret behind the alleged story stated that 'Odun has been sleeping with every upcoming female actress who are in ease to make their debut to the screen or those who want to be cast in his own written or any of his directed movie in respects to gain popularity in the movie and to used the medium to get movie contract from others filmmakers and he has cast a spell of convent with them to not reveal the secret to anybody.'

The source further speaking stated that 'he doesn’t contract the a-list actress to leads his films, while most of his films, lead role played by promising upcoming actress those who have use their body has the prize of getting roles with the wave making actor.'

This fair complexioned star actor who is married and blessed with kids has once alleged of romance tale with these female actresses Taiwo Aromokan, Mosun Filani and Sarah Yemi Adebanjo which they all denied the allegation in the public and pages of newspaper that they are best of friends and their relationship is just ordinary working relationship.

Odunlade who remain highest paid actor in Ogun State movie villa, breakthrough the mainstream of the make believed world with his much participated movie which has won him several award and place him to far edge in the Nollywood industry.

Investigations are still going on,we shall keep you updated on further developments.


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