Wednesday, September 21, 2011


A 57 year old man involved in a divorce case has confessed that he flogs his wife to have sex with him. Mr. Sarafadeen Adejumo,  a vulcaniser, made the confession  during cross-examination in a suit filed by his wife at the Agege Customary court, Lagos.

Speaking in court he said: “She bought the cane to pursue birds from eating her goods. Then, I took it from her shop and use it to flog her whenever she denies me of having sex with her”
Mr Adejumo’s wife, Simbiat  is seeking an end to their  marriage of 26 years marriage on grounds of constant beating and irreconcilable differences. The defendant accused his wife of committing adultery and re-emphasised that his wife could not be trusted.

Speaking further the Mr Adejumo said:  “We were at home enjoying ourselves one day when suddenly her phone rang and immediately she went out of the room without her pant. She didn’t return home until 9.30 p.m. She is also involved in extramarital flings with a lawyer. There was a day she held my penis with a fetish ring after which it could not function for three months until I sought solution to it through a native doctor who happens to be a friend of mine.”

He pleaded with the court to grant him custody of their three children and described his wife as carefree woman who was not ready to take proper care of the children. In response to his allegations, Simbiat said: “He is always beating me. During one of the beatings, I fainted and could not stand up for days. He lies on three cutlasses when he sleeps”

The case has been  adjourned till 4 October, 2011.


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  1. I simply pray that we discover who we are getting married to. Nowadays many marriages have turned into war zones. What should be enjoyed by both parties peacefully has turned into what should be done under serious pains. If you are still single, please ask for divine directions no matter your age before saying yes to anyone. Try to be satisfied with whatever you have. Marriage still remains a life commitment and not a short term contract.