Friday, September 16, 2011

I did not regret killing him!!!

Chinedu John Ogbonna who allegedly killed his colleague, Emeka Odoh, in the early hours of yesterday at 30, Burma Road, Kano, has disclosed that he does not regret killing Odoh.

“He threatened my life with words; that was why I did what I did,” Ogbonna told the police during interrogation this morning.

In the early hours of yesterday, residents of 30, Burma Road, Kano, woke up to find the body of Emeka Odoh in a pool of blood inside the restaurant of Mrs. Caroline, popularly known as Nwayioba.

Beside the deceased’s body was a digger stained with blood. The head of Emeka had been broken.

Chinedu was believed to have attacked Emeka while the deceased was asleep. The duo, who are both from Enugu State, southeast Nigeria, worked as attendants at the local eatery.

The suspect has since been arrested.

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