Sunday, September 18, 2011

Female Student Raped By Five Guys At University Of Abia State

Around this time last year, we had a scandal that rocked the University of Edo state, Ekosodin, where a set of female students were punished by some hoodlums, suspected to be cult members on campus.

Something similar has yet again happened, however, this one is a rather ALARMING, SICKENING AND DISTURBING story which we got yesterday.A female student at ABSU (Abia State University) was molested and raped by a gang of 5 guys; why did they do this? she allegedly disrespected one of the guys on campus, so they decided to take the laws into their hands by "teaching" her a lesson that she will never forget.

The people we have shown the video too were very upset and angry, because of the act of wickedness displayed in the video, it got to a point when the girl became suicidal and started begging them to take her life (In English and Igbo language), but the guys laughed and mocked her, it was terrible, the ordeal lasted for well over an hour, SAD SAD!  Something is, we really hate to be a carrier of bad news, but this is just appalling at its best! One of the CRIMINALS in the video was even swearing in the name of "Jesus Christ" at a point, the whole this is just totally out of line.

I know there are millions and billions of concerned Nigerians that live around ABSU area. So far, our sources have not been able to identify the voices of the guys in the tape so far (none of their faces showed well),

We have engaged almost all the resources in our reach to enable us identify the demons in the video.

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