Friday, September 30, 2011

Ben Murray Bruce Is Greedy- Shan George

Shan George vents her anger over president of Silverbird Group, Ben Murray-Bruce's alleged comment that any movie not premiered at the Silverbird Galleria would not be shown in Silverbird Cinemas. Apparently, producers have to pay N300,000 to use the arterium for red carpet and premiere of movies, then another N300,000 to have the movie screened in the cinema halls yet they still collect 50 per cent of monies realized from showing the movie in Silverbird Cinemas. In anger she said,

“I don’t understand why Ben Bruce would rule that if you don’t premiere your movie at Silverbird Galleria, the movie would not be shown in Silverbird Cinemas. My question is, all the foreign movies being shown at Silverbird Cinemas, how many Hollywood producers did their premiere at the Silverbird Galleria?”

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