Monday, September 26, 2011


Have you seen top actress,Adaora Ukoh of late? She has shaved her head for a movie she’s shooting in Asaba,Delta State.

It’s a story of a royal household,a king (played by Sam Dede) who couldn’t get his wife(played by Adaora) pregnant,so in order to keep his throne he make his younger brother,the prince(played by Kenneth Okonkwo) to be sleeping with his new wife under an oath of secrecy and things turned around and the woman fell in love with the Prince.

He died out of heartbreak.Adaora shaved her hair in the movie as a step further to portray and celebrate the tradition of the Igbo family,especially a royal one that the Igbo wife,Lolo,shaves her hair when a king dies.So she had to put that into play.

The movie is written and screen played by Iyke Odife and Emeka Amakeze and directed by Iyke Odife.

It also starred Maureen Solomon,Mike Ezuruonye,Chitta Agwu and Uche Odoputa.

Adaora Ukoh is an integral part of the production.It is also a transitional movie because all the actors and actress grew in the same movie.


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