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Fashion Crazy or What??.....See Pictures!!!

AMAZING!! Fashion Statement or Fashion Disaster By Ghanaian Girls At Vodafone Concert:




Mercy Johnson Is Pregnant !!!

If what we are getting is anything to go by, then, we can confirm to you that Princess Mercy Johnson, who got married to Edo Prince, Odi Okojie in a controversial wedding just a few days over a month now, is pregnant...

Just last Saturday in Abuja, MJ, as she is fondly called, made a rare appearance to the public since getting married. She was a guest at the opening of Chika Ike’s fashion accessory stores, Nancy Fancy. At the event, mercy was not the real mercy she was before getting married; it is understandable because of her new status as a married woman and Princess.

A person in the know close to MJ informed us that she is heavy. According to our informant, ‘Mercy is pregnant, though she has been trying to keep it away from many people, especially the press, who really want to know and write about it, but i can confirm to you that she is really pregnant, take that from me.’

Ben Murray Bruce Is Greedy- Shan George

Shan George vents her anger over president of Silverbird Group, Ben Murray-Bruce's alleged comment that any movie not premiered at the Silverbird Galleria would not be shown in Silverbird Cinemas. Apparently, producers have to pay N300,000 to use the arterium for red carpet and premiere of movies, then another N300,000 to have the movie screened in the cinema halls yet they still collect 50 per cent of monies realized from showing the movie in Silverbird Cinemas. In anger she said,

“I don’t understand why Ben Bruce would rule that if you don’t premiere your movie at Silverbird Galleria, the movie would not be shown in Silverbird Cinemas. My question is, all the foreign movies being shown at Silverbird Cinemas, how many Hollywood producers did their premiere at the Silverbird Galleria?”

What is wrong with this picture.....????



In a recent interview,star actress Kate Henshaw Nuttal revealed that she was once a victim of an abusive relationship that lasted for several years.

She said; “He was constantly abusing, beating and battering me inside the house and public places. I think there was a time when I walked round with bandage on my leg, courtesy of my violent lover, but that was many years ago,” she recollects.

On why she stayed so long in the affair and nearly got killed by an abusive and violent lover, the former Glo ambassador says: “It’s funny. It’s very ironical because after the beating comes the gifts, the begging, the cries and words like, “it’s your fault, I’d try and change, it’s not me...”

Everybody will now be saying, forgive him, he’s begging. In one of the beatings, he broke my ankle… Na God save me o. I would have died.”

Domestic violence and abuse can happen to anyone, regardless of size, gender, or strength, yet the problem is often overlooked, excused, or denied.



Deji almost blinded by fiancee's assault
When it comes to relationships,there is a thin line between love and hate. These are the words I think best describe the animosity that exists between Deji Falope and fiancée Divine Logico.

Their relationship started a little over two years ago when they met at a show and ever since their relationship has been one hell of a Rollercoaster.

According to source,troubles started when Divine became suspicious of Deji and popular singer may7ven, daughter to popular footballer Segun Odegbami closeness,and ever since then, she is been acting strange.

After a while,the tension between the two died down when May7ven returned to her London base.

Divine became quite close to Deji fast and often played the good wife by cooking for him and his friends in his Ikeja house and going out on various dates with him to the movies, weddings and even bowling.

Divine introduced him to her mother and Deji began supporting Divine who the mother claimed was the bread winner in her family.

Deji helped Divine secure a light blue Acura MDS car and with the new house at number 20 Peggy osibor street magodo isheri as Divine and her family were recently ejected from their home at number 4 ayo fasugba street in the same estate.

Everything seemed fine until Deji had to put feelings aside and look at his current relationship more objectively.

When Divine’s demand was getting too much, Deji asked some of his childhood friends for advice and they agreed to help him investigate the family further. Upon investigation, shocking revelations came to light about Divine Logico’s many lies.

Her father who she claimed was on business in Nigeria was actually an illegal immigrant and was on the run from the Nigerian immigration after allegedly conducting illegal businesses in Nigerian and was holed up in Ikeja.

The six year old child Laurina who Divine claimed was her niece was actually a love child between Divine Logico and her father Mr David Logico which she bore for him six years before.

When Deji discovered all these facts,he decided that it was best to call off the relationship.

Divine got angered when Deji broke up the relationship.

Since Divine and her mother could not get Deji to agree back into the relationship after Deji’s sister failed to persuade him, Divine and her mother then called a few of her police friends and claimed Deji was going to expose their family secrets. They invaded his house, confiscated his phone and began deleting pictures Deji had taken while he dated Divine and all other details to do with Divine and her family.

They attacked Deji when he tried to leave the scene after which they proceeded to area F police station where a certain Inspector Daniel upon seeing Deji, acknowledging that he had followed his career closely as a fan and hearing the allegations scolded Divine and her mother for being ungrateful and unfair to Deji who had catered for her family.

The police then asked Deji if he wanted to continue the relationship. Deji said an emphatic NO. He said God allowed this incident to happen as it had clarified the kind of family Divine Logico was from and that he and his family wanted nothing to do with them.

Divine and Laurina, the love child from her father

Divine and Deji hanging out


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Segregation: Bishop Oyedepo's Covenant University Deny Muslim Students Admission

Against their teachings and their doctrine that we should not discriminate against one another as it is against the bible which wants us to love our neighbors as ourselves, it can be surprising sometimes when those we expect to lead when it comes to issues relating to love and tolerance are found wanting on the same issue.

Bishop David Eniola Oyedepo is a man who many see as an embodiment of tolerance as his teachings prove so. Apart from his normal teaching which is based on Faith, he had at different occasions talked extensively on tolerance. It is therefore appalling that a gross act of intolerance will happen in a place where he’s the head.

It happened at his church-owned university,CovenantUniversity, during the current admission process. One Abdul-Gafar Ayomide Salami is doing all his best to secure admission into the institution for the next academic session. During the last JAMB examination where he scored 295, based on his performance he was invited for the post- JAMB exam which was conducted by the university authority. He again performed excellently, with average score of 65/80. His West African Senior School Certificate Examination stated that he passed with good grades in the following subjects as listed; Economics – B3, Geography – A1, English Language – B3, Further Math – A1, Mathematics – A1, Agric Science – B3, Biology – B3, Chemistry – B2, Physics – B2,

While they were waiting for the school authority, the family of Gafar was so sure that with his results, no matter what he was going to secure admission.

But the family got a rude shock when they were told that the school management had decided not to admit Muslim students for the coming academic session. According to the father of the young boy, who spoke to us: “Initially I thought it was kind of April Fool joke and I decided to send my wife to go and find out what exactly was going. But to to our consternation the admissions officer simply confirmed that they were not admitting any Muslim student this year.”

He said further that he couldn’t believe what he was hearing and he felt that he was in some kind of trance or that he was in another country because he had never in his entire life heard something like that, which is against the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He has vowed to follow the case to a logical conclusion even if it means going to the court. “It is not about my child alone, but so that the discrimination and bigotry will  not continue in future,” he affirmed.

 The issue is casting a shadow on the many awards the university may have won in the past as many are condemning the management of the school for getting themselves involved in such condemnable act. There was a time in the past that a member of the church who lost a child  in one of the schools owned by church was furious over the nonchalant attitude of the school management which led to the death of the child.

 It is expected that the Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor will act fast on this current issue as it is not only a dent on the image of the school but also a question of truthfulness on the school to Christianity, which the school professes based on its affiliation with the Living Faith Tabernacle, or Winners’ Chapel, as the Oyedepo-led church is also known.

 Meanwhile, all efforts to speak with the school authority to hear their own version of the incident story didn’t succeed because the person who picked the phone claimed that he was not in the best position to talk on the issue but promised to relay our question to the appropriate quarters. He promised they would call us back but we had not heard anything from them as at the time of going to press.

And we call ourselves "one Nigeria"?


Ronnie Mulindwa & Sharon O Setting for Divorce???

There is reportedly a big rift between Obsessions Ronnie Mulindwa and his chic Sharon O. Sources close to the family have revealed that Ronnie, dad to Sharon’s son Lisbon, is unhappy with the kind of celebrity status his wife is starting to get.

We were told; “He has confided in a few friends and is really insecure that Sharon no longer has time for the family. She is up and down doing personal projects.” This is isn’t surprising considering Ronnie was always uneasy while Sharon was participating in the M-Net reality TV show, Big Brother Amplified in South Africa.
However that has incensed Ronnie the more is that these days she is traveling in and out of the country for her own personal projects. It should be noted that just recently the Big Brother Ugandan representative was paid a handsome figure to appear at a social event in Nigeria.

She also spent a few more days in big cities like Lagos with friends. This weekend, she is rumoured to be jetting off to South Africa where she was invited by a top fashion and beauty firm to appear in the shooting of a promo commercial for its products.

A family source included; “She recently purchased a brand new Nissa Murano UAQ 566P, she was at Jomayi Property Consults offices in Old Kampala on Thursday inquiring about purchasing land, so her life is on the up and Ronnie doesn’t like it.”

Remember, Sharon who came fifth in the continental TV showpiece also bagged approximately Shs 26m for making it to the finale. Could the couple be about to split? Watch this Space!



That’s the little girl behind her
This might probably be one of the most kept secrets of singer Waje. According to a source, she is a mother of a young girl. The singer had her at a tender age while her family helped in taking care of the baby. The girl who is growing fast is believed to have similar features like her mum. The identity of the man who put the singer in a family way is still shrouded in mystery. The girl lives with Waje in her Lagos based home and she is said to be solely responsible for her child’s upkeep.


MEND had on Wednesday warned that it would detonate a bomb in Abuja on Oct. 1, exactly a year after it set off bombs near the Eagle Square, Abuja, killing no fewer than 12 Nigerians, most of them security operatives, as the nation was marking its 50th independence anniversary.But the founder of the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC), Dr Frederick Faseun appealed to the militant Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) to desist from carrying out its bomb threat on Saturday.

Faseun said  in Lagos that the reason for the appeal to MEND was to avoid the loss of innocent lives.
“I know that the leadership of MEND cannot get up to threaten to bomb without having its reasons, but care must be taken to ensure that nobody dies.”

The OPC leader, however, urged the Federal Government to do its best to ensure that it provided adequate security in the federal capital on that day.

He also cautioned the government against having any elaborate celebrations at the Eagle Square to mark the country’s 51st independence anniversary.

“With the situation in Nigeria today, the best places to mark the Independence Day anniversary are the churches and the mosques.” (NAN)

Source - Vanguard


Bayo Alawiye,a graduate of Theatre Arts from prestigious University of Ibadan,is the director of the popular music reality show,Project Fame West Africa.

He also directs the popular MTN TV game show,Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

In a recent interview,he opens up about the rumour making the round that he's currently in a sizzling romance with star actress Laide Bakare.

He said;"It is not possible.Laide is a married woman and I am a married man.So,we respect one another.Our relationship started way back in school.We went to the same school,University of Ibadan.

I was supposed to use her in my first movie but she was not around.When you are in the same school,same department,you know one another.These are the people you will want to use for your job.

It’s just that people don’t know where it all started.So,it’s possible for people to think otherwise.There is absolutely nothing like that between myself and Laide Bakare."


Quote of the day!!!

"The fact is that in this industry, we all smoke a lot. I don't see why mine is so loud. If this question should come up again, I will mention all those who smoke more than I do"- Terry G.

Christian Terrorist Group, Akhwat Akwop Threatens Boko Haram

The new Christian terror group in the North, Akhwat Akwop, which was apparently formed to checkmate the activities of the extremist Muslim Boko Haram sect has asked nationals of five Islamic countries suspected to be funding the Boko Haram to leave the country.

Akhwat Akwop alleged that the Islamic republics of Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Mauritania and Sudan had been funding the terrorist activities of Boko Haram, warning that its members would attack the nationals of the five countries and their interests.

The group made its position known in a statement issued, yesterday, and made available to various media houses in Lagos, Abuja and Kaduna.

The group, which sounded a wake-up call on all Christians over the current activities of Boko Haram, said the violence being unleashed on the country was to intimidate President Goodluck Jonathan and other Nigerians to enable the Hausa/Fulani seize power in 2015.

Akhwat Akwop, however, said that political power must return to the old Eastern Region after Jonathan in 2015.

It further stated that it does not recognise any Muslim traditional ruler in any way or form in any part of the North, warning that for peace and harmony in the North in particular and Nigeria in general to be maintained, the Hausa/Fulani who settled in the various minority tribes in the North must stop oppressing their hosts in those areas.

Akhwat Akwop came into security consciousness about two months ago when it dropped leaflets in some parts of the north, including Benue, Taraba, Yobe, Borno, Bauchi, Adamawa, Plateau, Kogi, Nasarawa and Kaduna states, warning that it would do everything possible to liberate northern minorities from the strangle-hold of the Hausa/Fulani who, it stated, had been lording it over them and causing havoc in Nigeria in the name of Islam.

In Kaduna State, large quantities of the leaflets were left at the state chapter of the Nigerian Union of Journalists, NUJ, Press Centre by unknown persons.

The leaflets, entitled Warning to Boko Haram, claimed that Akhwat Akwop stood for the Christian equivalent of Boko Haram, adding that it would be in the forefront of the struggle for the emancipation of northern minorities, whether Christians or Muslims.


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We Love Tuface,But We Don`t Want To be Baby Mamas- Golden Girls

The golden girls are both emerging musicians and one of them is deeply in love with Tuface. At a recent function where celebrity musicians hung out, one of this twin was spotted sitting with the african queen crooner and getting all lovey dovey until babymama Annie Macualay appeared and excused Tuface out of the 'situation'Tracy and Treasure's reaction to the allegations. They spoke with High Society Magazine. 

There is a rumour that either Tracy or Treasure is dating Tuface Idibia, is this true?

 Tracy: How I wish it was true. We admire him. He is a cute guys. He already has too many chocolomondos, if not, these Golden Girls would have gone for him. 

Treasure: If the rumour that one of us is dating Tuface is true, then know that my sister and I will fight over a guy for the first time. He will be the first guy that both of us will ever like, and we will drag him. I wish it were true.

These girls know how to give a fun interview

Who is closest to him?

Tracy: I wish it was me

Treasure: I wish I was the one closest to him. Tracy is saying the same thing, but we don't want to be baby mamas.

Tracy: The guy is cool, talented and loaded. All his baby mamas are cute babes, if we date him, both of us will just join the clique now.

If you had an opportunity to have a baby for Tuface, would you?

Tracy: I wish he was the one asking this question, then I would know what to do.

Treasure: Tracy, I think that is even a wrong question. The question should be; if he asks you to be his African princess, will you? Not a baby mama, the answer is no!

Tracy: OK, the answer is no. Because if you are his baby mama, the love will not be coming from his heart,  he will be there because of the baby.

See them answering the questions so


From D'Banj and Don Jazzy's publicist...

We find it really mischievous and wicked for somebody to sit in the comfort of his home and send out messages capable of damaging the lives of his fellow human being.”

This statement above formed part of the statement by multi award hip hop artistes and producer, Dapo Oyebanjo popularly called D’banj and Don Jazzy, C.E.O of Mo’Hits Records’ media company, Media Image Managers.

Late Sunday night through Monday, Internet and Blackberry broadcast messages were flying around which said the duo were ‘arrested’ in the US with 1,000 kilograms of substance suspected to be hard drugs and they have been detained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI.

The stars’ publicist in the statement described the news as the handiwork of people who want to bring down any successful person. “It is this Shoot Him Down Syndrome (SHDS) that has pervaded the country for years now, and artistes as well as celebrities bear the brunt more. We want to state categorically that Dbanj and Don Jazzy are in Lagos. They are nowhere near New York or even Ghana.”

The statement continued: “The two respected artistes are proud Nigerians doing the country proud worldwide. They do not need to peddle drugs as they are successful young men who worked hard to get to where they are today. The report making the rounds that they were arrested in America on Sunday is false and an attempt to tarnish the image of these proudly Nigerian artistes. It’s a figment of someone's evil imagination. We at Media Image Managers are not losing sleep about this malicious campaign, but records must be set straight. D'banj and Don Jazzy are at their Lekki home in Lagos, Nigeria, they are well and okay. They have had no brush with the law for any reason, not even for a traffic offence. What makes it more funny is the fact that D’banj and Don Jazzy were having a routine meeting with many others including his media company representatives on Monday when obnoxious message dropped in many phones in the living room claiming the duo were in custody in America. Really sad.”

Since the popularity of Internet,people have literally gone gaga. Every average Nigerian is now a journalist as they struggle to outdo each other in broadcasting the news of the death of popular people as well as posting on their status on social networking site, Facebook. These news turn to be false most of the time. Nigerians have killed former Biafra war lord Chief Udumegwu Ojukwu and Freedom fighter, former South African President, Nelson Mandela several times before they will eventually die.

It was a broadcast message that sparked off a widespread panic early this year. Some mischievous people started spreading the news that the Third Mainland Bridge was falling apart and people should avoid that route. Government of Lagos had to debunk that claim. So many incidents that have led to panic had been caused by this new generation Blackberry and Facebook ‘journalists’. Rumour peddlers have told the world that Charly Boy was ‘dead’ some couple of years ago. They ‘killed’ gospel musician and Evangelist Sonny Okosuns once before he eventually died. The most guilty of this crime are faceless individuals who run web sites. They have turned the Internet to blackmail tool used in running anybody who tries to stand up to them down.

“That is why we at Media Image Managers will want to use this opportunity to call on government to call Nigerians to order by way of enlightenment on the need to verify information before they spread it further.

D’banj and Don Jazzy, two successful artistes are target today (so many people had been targets in the past), who knows the next target? These young men even when they were yet to break into limelight did not do any illegal thing, so it would be most sad now that almost a decade of hard work that has paid off would be rubbished by engaging in anything illegal.”

D’banj and Don Jazzy aside winning many awards were recently signed American superstar Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music.

More Photos From Obiwon's Registry Wedding

Check out the Photos after the cut:

Songs I did with my late mum not for release this year–Kaka Igbokwe

Before her demise last month, late Nigerian Lady of songs, Christy Essien Igbokwe announced that she had done some collaborative songs with her son, Chinwuba Kaka Igbokwe who happened to be a music producer and rapper. Having nothing but memories to remember her by, many of her fans are looking forward to the project with Kaka but in this chat,he revealed the songs will not be up for release this year.

Do you feel your mother is gone forever?

The consolation the family had is the reaction of people towards her death for she really impacted people's lives .I have this book am always reading when am praying our daily Manna, the whole summary of the topics is, how do you want to be remembered when you die? There was a special adviser that came, he told me how my mum fought his parents at the age of seventeen to let him go to university and today he owes his position to her. Mum had to sacrifice her going to University so she could train her younger ones, I look at it as her goodness speaking for her.

Did she have any premonition about her death?

You know my mum was a very spiritual person, she was always saying that she won't live long for the last eight years, that God brought her to this world for a mission and when she is done she would depart but its not something we all expected, It was just like she was crying wolf! and so I guess we ignored the signs.

Your mother was multi-talented, can the same be said of you?

As for entertainment I started very young, I can't remember how old I was but I acted in the soap opera Ripples as child named Bala. I also used to take part in school plays though I was always shy that's why I said I don't like being the artiste. I prefer being the insider. I believe I can do most of the things she did because its natural .I don't know, I just want to let things flow. I really don't want to specify now.

Can you tell us something about your mum nobody knew?

She is a clown; she likes to joke a lot and she is a very good cook . If she wasn't widely known as Nigerian lady of songs, I wouldn't believe she was an artiste because she was a good mother and wife. She was able to balance all because she found peace with God at a very tender age. She was a supermom

Was there any secret she told you about the industry before she passed on?

''What would be would be'' that was her secret word. She would tell you not to wait for anyone to help you, if God says you will make it then you would and when the time comes you will reign.

You've started your career as a musical producer and a rapper and we heard about you doing songs with your mum, when will these songs be released?

Yes we had a couple of them, am trying to sort that out. Most of them might not be released this year. There are some that where not completed on her own side but am trying to work it out. So after her burial we will see what happens. Funny enough I was supposed to push out my album last year but for some reasons it stopped but am lucky because I have finished working on everything .Right now am not in the shape to go back to the studio.

How do you manage being a rapper and producer?

I would say yes, so far so good. I never wanted to be an artiste, it was due to the circumstances surrounding the chances I got that made me decide to experiment on a production and that's why am very slow in my musical career. This year on November 11th which is her birthday, we are planning on releasing her album; I am not sure when mine's coming out because I still have to finish some of her songs on it.

You studied Geology in school, any plan of practicing that?

I worked a little bit before I started my career as a surveyor at Akwa Ibom Water Cooperation and also some other companies but also entertainment.

So how do you intend to realize the true picture of entertainment your mother gave to Nigerians since your a shy person?

Now that she is no longer here, she has committed the task into my hands for someone has to continue. I have to step up and fill in the gap even if I might not be able to do my all. I have to try my best.

As a producer who are those you have worked with?

I have worked with, Durella, Fragrance, Weird Mc, Chuddy k and Jimmy Jatt. Those are the ones I can remember apart from my mum.

Who is your role model in music apart from your mum?

That would be Tuface. Because that's the only Nigerian artiste my mum knew from this generation, she didn't even know Dbanj until I had to show her who he was. I feel it's because Tuface still operates in the same kind of musical direction with them, in terms of live rehearsals and performances. I know if she had stayed longer, she would have known Omawummi.



Self-styled king of the Zanga,Oluwadamilare Okulaja,popularly known as Durella has just been made Chevalier brandy ambassador.

Chevalier brandy,a product from Grand Oak Nigeria Limited was formally unveiled weeks back in Lagos.

The brandy,though was withdrawn from the shelf years back when there was a ban on imported spirits and has now been repackaged with a new bottle and a romantic flavor.

Durella was made the brand ambassador at a ceremony to relaunch the product into the market.

In a recent chat,Durella opens up about the deal;

He said; I feel elated.I bless God for giving me the privilege to represent the brand.I would say it is God’s grace in my life as I am not the best artiste in Nigeria.So,I give it to him.

Asked how much is the worth of the deal,he said You know how it works,it runs into millions.

Congrats man!!!

Photo of the day!!!!!

What attracts me most is her seriousness on the


Star actress,Funke Akindele is arguably one of the best actresses in Nollywood.

The lawyer turned entertainer just returned from the United States of America where she premiered her talk of the town movie entitled,The Return of Jenifa.

According to the celebrated Glo Ambassador,the trip was a success as the movie is expected to hit the cinemas from October 7,2011.

She also opens up about her contract as Glo Ambassador.

The only thing I can say is that I am still a Glo Ambassador.I am so happy for the brand and also flow along with Gbogbo Bigz Boyz and Bigz Girlz.

God bless Globacom,the company is doing a wonderful job,for supporting entertainment.

The brand is also touching the lives of youths because Funke Akindele is a youth ambassador.

Asked about how she intend spending the largesse;she said That’s between Globacom,myself and God.I have no comment on that



Star actor Emeka Ike has settled his dispute with Jim Iyke.

Emeka and Jim fell out some months back over battle for supremacy.

The reconcialiation took place during the official opening of Chika Ike’s multi million naira boutique in Abuja on Saturday,September 24th,2011.

Emeka Ike confirmed the reconciliation,he said Jim is my boy and will always be my boy,we had issues but as Christians it is all gone now.


ADAORA UKOH starrs in a transitional movie role with a working title THY KINGDOME COME. alongside SAM DEDE , KENNETH OKONKWO, MAUREEN SOLOMON, MIKE EZURONYE, etc.

She played a multiple character from young to old and even went as far as shaving off her hair in same movie. The movie celebrates the existing tradition of an igbo royal household. and also reveals the challenges a king could go through just to keep his throne and blood lineage on if he cant have children.....

Picture Source- Nigeria Films

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Accused To Compensate Rape Victim by Marrying Her

A P.M.News Report

A 23-year old man, Samuel Godwin Effiong, who is facing a rape charge at Oshodi magistrate’s court, has made a shocking proposal to the 27-year old rape victim (name withheld) at the court by offering to marry her to compensate her.

Effiong made the offer in the open court to the victim by proposing to marry her before the presiding magistrate, Mrs. Osho Adebiyi.

Effiong told the court, in the presence of the victim, that he was ready to marry the victim and take care of the baby if she was pregnant as a result of the rape.

He said the proposal will facilitate the final settlement of the rape charge against him.
Effiong was charged to court for allegedly raping the 27-year old woman under false pretence.
He was alleged to have worn his brother’s military uniform and arrested the victim at Ikeja area.
Instead of taking her to the barracks as he claimed while arresting her, he took her on a motorcycle to a hidden place at Mafoluku Oshodi where he raped her.

He was however unlucky when someone who suspected their movement raised an alarm that attracted other neighbours and the police.

Effiong was eventually arrested and charged to court.
He pleaded not guilty.

The court granted him bail in the sum of N200,000 with two sureties in like sum.
When the matter came up, he made the offer so that he would regain his freedom.
Lawyers who spoke to P.M.NEWS this morning said despite offering to marry the victim, the accused will have to face trial to enable the law take its course.

The former Secretary-General of Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, Lagos branch, Mr. Ike Ukor, said “No, the law will still have to take its course, unless the woman agrees to marry and drop the charge.”
In his reaction, Festus Keyamo, legal practitioner, said: “the accused marriage proposal does not legalise the crime, though it all depends on the woman because once the woman drops the charge and says ‘I am no longer pursuing the case’ that will be the end of the case, as the prosecution needs the evidence of the woman to convict the man.”

Another lawyer, Mr. Paul Ogundele said as the issue is, the legal implication is that since the accused in the rape matter agrees to marry the victim, there is the likelihood of the case being frustrated, especially when the victim consents to the marriage since she is the sole witness in the case. They will be expected to give overwhelming evidence for the prosecution of the case.

Another Lagos lawyer, Mr. Tahiru Najim while also aligning himself with the opinion of other lawyers, said the man cannot be exonerated.

“He is still liable in strict legal terms because it is the relationship that existed at the time the offence was committed that counts.”

Mr. Alex Uzebu, another Lagos-based legal practitioner, said the offence had already been committed.
“It has no bearing at all with the marriage proposal. Just like a man who steals another man’s car and decided to return it after he was caught or offers to buy the car, the person is liable.”

Orionye from the law firm of Ade Oyebanji & Co. opined that the man cannot be exonerated from the charge of rape unless the woman decides to drop the charge against him.

“If she drops the charge, then the man can escape and if not, when the case is proved, the man will be liable.”

Source- PM News

Insult From Britain: Nigerian Men Lazy —British Baroness

Controversial peer Baroness Flather caused outrage yesterday with a claim that Nigerian men marry four wives because they are lazy, reports the Daily Mail.

Speaking on a radio phone-in debate on polygamy, she said: ‘Most of the men in Nigeria don’t do anything, their wives do all the work, that’s why they have so many.’

Lady Flather spoke out after a Nigerian caller told how his father had four wives, they all lived together in the same house without arguments and their 11 children were all well educated.

The crossbencher, Britain’s first female Asian peer, recently made controversial claims that some Asian families in Britain have lots of children in order to claim extra welfare payments.

Yesterday’s comments were made as she spoke as a guest on the BBC Radio 5 Breakfast show, presented by Nicky Campbell.

Campbell was joined in the studio by Khola Hasan, of the Islamic Sharia Council, which says polygamy is on the rise among British Muslims.

Following the peer’s comment, embarrassed laughter could be heard before Mrs. Hasan said: ‘That’s a bit unfair’.

Campbell then interjected: ‘If I’d said what you’ve just said I’d be in the papers tomorrow for racism, wouldn’t I?’

But the baroness went on: ‘They have four wives – one to do the farming, one to look after the children, one to look after the man and one to do the housework. It is just a fact. Why should I lie?’

Two British Nigerians later called the show and condemned the comments, pointing out that polygamy is a sign of affluence rather than idleness. Last night Radio 5 said the peer’s views were ‘entirely her own’.

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Slowly but surely,the number of Nollywood acts who are testing the music waters is growing by the day,from Kate Henshaw Nuttal to Desmond Elliot to Omotola Jalade Ekeinde,Genevieve Nnaji etc.

The latest entrant into the music world is Tonto Dike who is set to release a yet to be titled single which was produced by Kas who is close friend to Tonto’s boyfriend.

Expectedly,she is signed on to Kas record label,Kasbeat entertainment.


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Question mark singer Ego Omalicha!!!


For friends,colleagues and family members of the Yoruba actress,Tayo Odueke popularly known as Sikiratu Sindodo who have been bedridden for more than 12 months now over some strange illness,this is celebration time as the actress has recovered from the deadly ailment that almost claimed her life.

One striking thing about her predicament is the fact that it was shrouded in so many mysteries,especially as she was alleged to have stepped on so many powerful toes shortly before the ailment besieged her.

It could be recalled that while she was still licking her wound from her failed romance with Musiliu Akinsanya a.k.a MC Musiliu Oluomo a Lagos NURTW boss who was her lover for many years and indeed made her the envy of her colleagues with the expensive gifts he lavished on her but trouble set in after both fell apart over issues bothering on infidelity.

Misfortunes set in shortly after,with all fingers pointing in the direction of mysterious repercussions for her actions.

First came the manslaughter case,Tayo was arrested and detained for crushing a 16-month old boy,Damilola,to death with her red Honda CR-V with registration number FE 589 LND.

However she was later released after she pleaded with the deceased’s family and no charges were pressed.But barely 5 months after,she was struck by a strange illness.

At first,it looked like every other sickness as she was rushed to Lagos State Teaching Hospital but her case got worse by the day as doctors couldn’t diagnose the cause of her sickness.It got so bad that her family resorted to spiritual homes where it was alleged she was suffering from a severe self induced spiritual attack.

While still at the hospital,different pastors,spiritualists and prophets were brought to proffer solution but her sickness simply demystified all efforts of these spiritualists.

It got so bad that the family ran out of funds and called upon her colleagues and friends to come to her aid but they took to their heels when it was also rumored that anyone of them who tried helping her will suffer the same faith.

But one person who stood by her through thick and thin was Fuji star,Alao Malaika,he it was we gathered took it upon himself to not only finance the bills but also brought in different spiritualist,imams and co to help salvage the acts failing health.

Several tales ranging from HIV,undisclosed terminal diseases with some claiming the doctors at LUTH finally diagnosed that she has Renal(Kidney) problem,were brandied as the cause of her long battle with life for close to a year.

While she was still admitted at LUTH,not all guests were allowed into her private ward to see her,even some friends and colleagues were denied access as a result of her degenerating state.She was said to have become very lean,hardly able to make use of her hands and limbs,her skin got very dark and part of it got tainted and she was also alleged to find it very difficult using her urinary system.

At a point,rumour was rife that she was to be flown abroad for treatment but that didn’t happen rather she was allegedly relocated to a spiritual home in Badagry as it had dawned on all that her ailment defied all forms of medical treatment intervention whether home or abroad.

After the gist of her relocation to the spiritual home,nothing was heard about her until 3 months back when inside source revealed she had recovered from the illness and has returned home to her mother’s residence.

People didn’t buy that story but insiders affirm she decided to stay in doors that long and away from the public because even though she has been healed,her looks hadn’t.She still looked very pale,lean and extremely dark.

On Sunday,September 18th,the pretty actress stepped out for the first time in the last 15 months,she attended a private event in the company of another Yoruba star,Eniola Badmus.For those who caught a glimpse of her,they couldn’t help thanking God for saving her life as she has gradually gotten back to her old self.

Her complexion is now glowing,and she looks very trim.The star actress is gradually re acquainting with her colleagues and will hopefully start going to locations any moment from now.

Also,gist has it that she is planning to produce a movie recounting her ordeals in and out of sick bed.Her appearance on the social scene is still being restricted by her mother who is doing all things possible to ensure her daughter bounces back to life but threads with caution this time around.

It would be recalled that while she was ill, a London based Prophet had prophesized to her while in London on a trip that if she survives a mysterious sickness that will befall her she will become more popular than she was before.

The prophesy with the trend of things is not far from being fulfilled as the actress is about the only actress movie makers want to work with once she indicates her intention to return to movie location.


Monday, September 26, 2011


Facebook users are warning each other that the social network will soon start charging its users due to the upcoming profile changes. Since this hoax spread so quickly and went viral, scammers are trying once again, this time with fake prices.

While these people likely have good intentions, the truth is that this is a hoax and Facebook will never ask you to pay to use its service. The “advice” comes in the form of one of the following messages:
This second hoax is also spreading like wildfire on Facebook. Many scams have claimed Facebook will ask you to pay in one form or another, but they’re all bogus. The company even tries to remind its users on the website’s main login page (if you’re logged in, you’ll have to log out to see it): “It’s free and always will be.”
The company even released a statement once it realized the hoaxes had gone viral. “A rumor on the internet caught our attention,” a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement. “We have no plans to charge for Facebook. It’s free and always will be.”

Facebook makes a lot of money from the ads viewed and clicked by its 800 million active users. In fact, the social networking giant is expected to make $4.27 billion in revenue this year, 89 percent of which will come from advertising.

As a general word of caution, don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. Also, don’t blindly copy and paste warnings just because your Facebook friend’s status tells you to do so. Although you probably mean well, you could be helping a hoax become more popular on the social network.




One of the hottest stories in movie industry now is the hot romance between sexy actress Nuella Njubigbo and ace movie producer,director cum actor Tchidi Chikere,the darling director who Nollywood babes die to work with.

Although it is a thing of wide knowledge that the graduate of Public Administration from Imo State University came into the industry through top movie producer,Iyke Odife,who featured her in many movies,reliable sources disclosed to us that Nuella has shifted her tent to the abode of handsome father of three cum script writer,Tchidi Chikere,who has in the past changed the careers of top Nollywood actresses to the better and skyrocketed them to stardom.

Light skin and gorgeous Nuella seems to be the next Nollywood babe to become a star through the struggles of Chikere,as he has featured her in over five flicks since late last year.

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Have you seen top actress,Adaora Ukoh of late? She has shaved her head for a movie she’s shooting in Asaba,Delta State.

It’s a story of a royal household,a king (played by Sam Dede) who couldn’t get his wife(played by Adaora) pregnant,so in order to keep his throne he make his younger brother,the prince(played by Kenneth Okonkwo) to be sleeping with his new wife under an oath of secrecy and things turned around and the woman fell in love with the Prince.

He died out of heartbreak.Adaora shaved her hair in the movie as a step further to portray and celebrate the tradition of the Igbo family,especially a royal one that the Igbo wife,Lolo,shaves her hair when a king dies.So she had to put that into play.

The movie is written and screen played by Iyke Odife and Emeka Amakeze and directed by Iyke Odife.

It also starred Maureen Solomon,Mike Ezuruonye,Chitta Agwu and Uche Odoputa.

Adaora Ukoh is an integral part of the production.It is also a transitional movie because all the actors and actress grew in the same movie.