Friday, August 19, 2011

This feud between Lizzy Anjorin and Iyabo Ojo is getting messier

 Lizzy Anjorin

Iyabo Ojo
The star actresses have been battling each other for a while now, and all efforts to broker peace between them by their colleagues have proved abortive. The actresses don't see eye to eye and have always threatened to deal with each other whenever their paths cross.

But it seems the feud is taking a new and more dangerous dimension, after the actresses granted interviews to Hinolly calling each other names on national TV. An Encomium reporter contacted Lizzy and Iyabo...what they each said when you continue...

Lizzy Anjorin: "Iyabo Ojo should be ashamed of herself. If she doesn't stop insulting me I will deal with her. I know she's not the only one, but I will make her a scapegoat. If she doesn't refrain from such rubbish she's saying about me, I will make sure she's chased out of Lagos. She said I opened a paraga shop in Abule Egba, she should tell the public where she opened her own shop. I am better than Iyabo Ojo ten thousand times. She is telling people that I am the one begging for her friendship, who is she? She claims she's older than me, that I should accord her due respect. I respect everybody and I think respect should beget respect. Before I knew it, she started portraying herself as my superior in the industry. She was the one who first insulted me on Hinolly, then when I retaliated in a bigger way, she became uncomfortable. I will deal with her squarely.

When Iyabo Ojo was asked to speak on the matter, she refused to comment, saying she had no time for rubbish.

Source - Lindaikeji

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