Thursday, August 18, 2011


A 12yr old boy was accused of rape in court; his lady lawyer holds his wee-wee saying, 'Ur honour, can this rape?' The boy whispers, 'don’t shake it, we will lose the CASE'

april fool

Wife on her way back from d market entered her matrimonial room and on bed caught her hubby on her house girl,d husband quickly shouted april foooooooool,and d wife smiled and said God safe you sweetheart

Bad Chicken

A man approached the window of a movie theater with a chicken on his shoulder and asked for two tickets.

"Who's the other ticket for?" the ticket girl asked.

"For my pet chicken." He said, pointing to the bird.

"I'm sorry," the girl tells him, "but we don't allow animals in the theater."

The man walked around the corner of the building, and stuffed the chicken into his pants. He returned to the ticket window and bought a ticket, entered the theater, and sat down.

The chicken started to get too hot, so the man, figuring it was okay because it was dark to unzipped his pants and let the chicken stick its head out.

The woman seated next to him looked down in horror. She nudged her friend Amanda and whispered, "Amanda! This man next to me just unzipped his pants!"

Amanda replied, "Oh, don't worry about it. Just ignore him. If you've seen one, you've seen them all."

The woman whispered back, "I know, I know, but this one's eating my popcorn!"

student: sir can u remove sumthg 4rm my boobs?

sir: yeah sure! wat is it?

student: ur eyes!

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