Thursday, August 25, 2011


The latest gist in town now is about a married actress that had an illicit affair with a Ghanaian businessman. We learnt their relationship lasted for about 6 months before they parted way.

According to source, they met at a party in Accra, last year, and the debonair businessman who had secretly desired after her for years, made romantic overtures to the actress; a move she was said to have initially rebuffed insisting that as a happily married woman, she does not indulge in extra marital affairs.

The love struck rich Romeo did not accept defeat easily “he sought the help of a top Ghanaian society lady who is a personal friend of the actress, and through her efforts, the ice was broken, and soon a tawdry affair was allegedly started.

The business mogul we learnt took the actress to many exotic places and also care for her financial needs.

Just when the business mogul thought their relationship was heading in the right direction, the actress hit him with a bombshell that she was ending the affair because it was a wrong thing to do.

The latest development now, is that the dude is busy spreading tales of their illicit affair, complete with all tawdry details to media.


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