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TOYIN AIMAKHU is a popular Nollywood actress from Auchi, in Edo State. She came into the Industry in 2003, when Bukky Wright came to Ibadan to shoot a movie. The last born from a family of five, Toyin has a National Diploma in Marketing from Iree Polytechnic, and studied Philosophy at the University of Ibadan. In this Interview,Toyin talks of the miscarriage she had, why nobody could snatch her man, and how she joined the industry among many other issues.

How did you get into the movie industry?

In 2003, I was in the University of Ibadan doing my Diploma in Physiotherapy, so my late brother's friend who happens to be a marketer in the movie industry, called me. He said: Toyin I need you to do me a favour.' I was like: What is it? 'Do you know Bukky Wright?' he asked. 'I want you to help her, she wants to shoot a movie in ibadan and she will be using U.I., I want you to show her around'. I told him no problem. I met Bukky Wright, I liked her. You know she is very pretty.

There was a problem because we were expecting someone; I think a popular actress and she didn't show up. So Bukky Wright said 'Toyin can you act?' I told her I could, and when I eventually acted the role given to me, I did it well and I really enjoyed it. So that was how I started.

Have you ever thought of being an actress before that time?

No, I've never thought of acting. My mum is a pastor, she has like 10 churches around where she ministers. I can sing very well and I beat drums. I beat acuba and even gangan, and I'm very good at it. Even when I was in school, I beat drums. I'm a tomboy. So acting just came like that, and I grabbed it.

So you abandoned physiotherapy?

Yes, I left U.I. You know then when you want to go for diploma, you must have two credits, two passes. I just decided to go to Iree for my prelim. Then I just had three credits and three passes. I felt it was not going to be easy to combine university and acting, you know how it is. So I went for prelim. When my S.S.C.E result was complete, I went back to U.I., where I did my degree in philosophy and I also did ND in Marketing in free.

When did you finish school?

I finished schooling in 2005/2006 there about. I served in 2007 in Lagos. I was actually posted to Ebonyi, but I re-deployed to Lagos where I was posted to LTV under Mr. Lekan Ogunbanwo.

Which film did you find very stressful?

'Dugbe Dugbe Nbo' produced by Bukky Wright. You've done several movies, which of the movies do you think brought you to the lime light? I think 'Oyin Ade' and 'Sola Fe Pami. Oyin ade was produced by Bisi 'Onto Logba Logba' and 'Sola Fe Pami' was produced by LasunRay.

LasunRay. You've been in the industry for eight years now. You must have gotten some embarrassing moment especially with fans. Can you share some of this with us?

Someone will just call to say "Se bi e se ma si ara sile niyen?" (Is this how you expose your body?) I will just say that I don't expose my body in real life, it is just a make believe. I don't have tattoos, the only tattoo I have is the one with my husband's name on the finger where my wedding ring is supposed to be. I only do artificial tattoos in movies. I don't wear earrings; I wasn't brought up that way because I'm from a Christian home, C.A.C to be precise. I wear it only when I'm acting, I don't think what you wear determines who you are.

Are you saying that all those clothes that show your cleavage in movies, are only limited to locations?

Yeah, if I play a role in a movie and it warrants me to dress like that, yes, I will. I just played a lead in a movie. The movie is produced by Deji Akinoso. I played 'Elemf It's a Christian movie, I had to cover my body. If any role warrants me to cover my body I will do it because I know I'm a role model to many.

You just mentioned husband. When did you get married because I've never seen your wedding picture?

Even if I get married in the moon, if I want to break up my marriage, it's what can happen in the twinkle of an eye.

But did you actually get married? I want to clarify that issue.

I have a man, and I know I have a real man, I have a tattoo of his name(Kunle) on my wedding finger and he has my name on his too.

When are you going to tie the knots officially?

All I will say is that I have a man. You know I was actually pregnant, but I lost it, if I don't have a man I won't be pregnant.

I know for a woman to lose her pregnancy would be very painful, how did you feel?

It's painful, but I just have to accept it as what God wants. Or would you have preferred it if I had my baby and died? Actually things happened, I actually stressed myself, maybe I wasn't experienced, as it was the first time. But I promise you, I will soon have a baby again.

I actually read that this is the second time you're losing your pregnancy?

(Laughs) Don't mind them that's a lie. You know people say stuffs, this is the first miscarriage I've ever had.

Is there any new movie you are currently working on?

Yes, 'Efa'. I snot it on a red camera. 'Ikudoro' part one came out like two weeks ago. The part two is coming out on the 29"1 of August. The movie was directed by Teco Benson. You need to watch it because it's the bomb! I don't want to boast. Efa is also a very nice movie too and it was directed by Bayo Tijani. It's about what women

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