Monday, August 29, 2011


The health condition of veteran actress Ngozi Nwosu has stirred controversy in the industry since the beginning of this year.

Early this year, rumor mongers circulated a very pathetic story indicating that this actress was suffering from Leukemia.

According to them, the light skin thespian lost weight drastically and appeared to survived from a severe sickness. It was equally said that she was visiting the hospital regularly.

However, despite her shrunken looks she stormed an event months after the rumor and refuted the story. She revealed that her weight loss was to enable her fit into a movie role that she just finished, and denied ever being sick or having Leukemia.

Two weeks back, insider sources disclosed to us that Nwosu who has not been able to regain her weight in past months, managed to appear in public as she has been very sick.

According to the source, the star of TV series Fuji House of Commotion revealed that she has been down with malaria and typhoid and as a result of severe headache she developed an ear infection which has been emitting pus for a long time.

However, the source continued that she is praising God for a better health


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