Wednesday, August 31, 2011

And the beef goes on...Ruggedman vs 9ice

When Gbenga Adeyinka invited the two artist to perform at an event in ibadan,fans of both artiste thought this will end the rift between the duo,but it was a different story.Actually I wasn`t at the event,but Tribune crew went there and this was how they reported it:

A Tribune Report:

The effort of Gbenga Adeyinka at ending the rift between 9ice and Ruggedman suffered a setback as the duo did not even set eyes on each other at the event he said was planned to broker peace. 

 To the dismay of the comedian, 9ice arrived late to the event venue, hours after Ruggedman had long performed and left for Lagos.
Fans believed 9ice was not favourably disposed to settling the rift with Ruggedman. He is believed to hold the rapper responsible for his broken marriage to Toni Payne, his former wife.
Though he never came out to put the blame on his former friend, 9ice acted like Rugged truly had an affair with Toni as he never did anything to quell the rumour when it spread last year.
Last week at the event, 9ice didn’t let slip the opportunity to ridicule Ruggedman before the 1,500 audience that filled Jogor Center.
Arriving the venue few hours after Ruggedman had left the stage, 9ice got the crowd in jovial mood with “Gongo Aso”, “Street Credibility”, and “Photocopy.”
The last song was taken to be a swipe at Ruggedman.
But 9ice’s fans blame Ruggedman for starting another round of cold-war when he sang “Unstoppable”, a song he did with Recoba.
An official of the outfit that organised the comedy show said  Ruggedman needed not to have sang that song at such an event knowing that 9ice was also the bill of Laffmatazz With Gbenga Adeyinka & Friends.
“I believe that Ruggedman intended to diss 9ice, else he would have sang any other of his songs and not “Unstoppable” as 9ice would naturally assume the song was an attack on his position in the music industry,” he said.
Rugged, however, told R that he did what was expected of him as a musician, and owed no one any apology.
“It’s my song now, must anyone tell me what song to sing at an event and what I shouldn’t
“Anyway, I couldn’t be bothered what anyone thought, I didn’t appear at the event because of 9ice, it was because of my fans, and for Gbenga
“People will always read meanings into what I say, or do, especially when it concerns 9ice, but 9ice is not the least of my concerns now. I have better things I’m doing presently”.
Asked if he had a foreknowledge of Gbenga’s plan to set him and 9ice on a face-to-face truce meeting at the event venue, Ruggedman said he was not told there was to be a truce meeting
“Gbenga didn’t tell me that. I only advice the guy to get it right with his family, that is more important.
Gbenga had earlier told R that he planned to end the rift between the duo.
Nigerian tribune online

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