Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Charly Boy at War with former PA of many years,Helen Sosu

Charly Boy put out a disclaimer which ran for two weeks in major softsell magazines stating that his longest serving personal assistant, Helen Sosu, and two others were no longer staff of his New Wave production, for reasons he never made public. You all know how disclaimers go, with pictures and all.

Now Helen is mad and wants to drag the weird one to court for defamation of character.

Helen Sosu, who is an English graduate of University of Lagos started out by featuring as Miss Fowl Leg in the now rested The Charly Boy Show, then rose to become his marteter and presenter and even wrote a book on Charly Boy a few years back.

Now she wants to drag him to court for 'tarnishing my image because he sees me as a competitor'.
In a letter of acknowledgement, the law firm representing her, Lagos Eculaw Law, said:

Charly Boy, the self-acknowledged owner of the so called Charly Boy brand has violated Ms Sosu's fundamental rights repeatedly and in several ways and has subjected her to relentless abuse, harassment, intimidation, defamation, false light and actionable adverse portrayals and has continued to do same even at this moment. Charly Boy's behaviour is a reckless and unprecedented display of raw power and influence in the Nigerian entertainment industry in recent times. His behaviour, motives and methods are unlawful and egregious and he has to be stopped.

Charly Boy is yet to react. The battle continues...


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