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MADNESS: Drunk Policeman Caught molesting two Ladies (WATCH)

A drunk police officer with the Mopol 20 in Lagos identified as Tafa Mohammed was captured brutalizing
two women after one of the ladies refused to sell him fish to finish up his beer. The food seller had refused to sell fish alone except to those buying food with it, a policy that angered the alcohol reeking mobile policeman, Mr. Tafa. Mopol Tafa particularly took up a female customer who was buying food at the time he got there and dipped her in muddy water. WATCH THE SHOCKING VIDEO

Pastor Slept with 3 Sisters in the same night so as to cleanse them from bad spirits (LOOK)

A Zambian Pastor sleept with three siblings in the same night so as to cleanse them from bad spirits. SEE IT HERE

EXPOSED: SEE The Things girls do when they want to attract MAGAs

See the things they do to attract Magas. SEE IT HERE

Business Man And Shell Manager Lured and Killed By Fraudsters On Dating Website (PICTURED)

A manager in Shell Development Petroleum Company (SDPC) Nigeria and a businessman have been allegedly killed in Rivers State by fraudsters impersonating as women on a dating site. The corpses of the victims and one other unidentified person have been recovered in a bush by the police in the state.

The late Shell manager, Mr. Progress Benin Disi, went missing on March 7, while Shola Olaseinde, the businessman got missing on March 26. Police, it was gathered, were initially working on kidnap until investigation led them to the discovery of a syndicate said to specialise in luring people, especially rich men through dating sites with a view to ripping them off.
The detectives reportedly opened communication with the gang and were able to arrest five of them including a pregnant woman. The expectant mother, it was learnt, was the bait used by the gang to engage their victims in sweet talks by phone. The leader of the group identified as, Micheal Eneji a 27 year- old footballer said they were unaware of Olaseinde’s death until their arrest. Asked how they killed their victims, he said: “We will take their ATM cards and go to the bank with the pin number they gave us and begin to withdraw N100, 000 every day until the account is blocked. “We did not know that Olaseinde and Disi were unable to untie themselves like others before them and escape”.

He blamed his involvement in crime on hard times. “When I couldn’t afford to pay my school fees, I decided to go into love dating scam. I dwell mainly on Badoo that many Nigerian men visit regularly. “I surf the net and select pictures of black models and impersonate them by using them as my own so that the men will think they are dealing with a woman. As soon as they see the picture, some send a message to me and I will respond. “They will ask for my number and I will give them. I have a Techno phone that has a special voice prompt that allows a man to sound like a woman. “Once I establish contact, I will go to the next step which is to convince them that I will satisfy their sexual urge. Pretending to be a big girl, I will tell them to meet me at a petrol station on Eleme Road while one of my boys, Chibueze, will go there and meet them as my domestic servant and direct them to my house. “To convince them to come, I will claim that I live in one of the estates alone and it will be safer to meet there so that they will not be caught by their wives or girlfriends.

While in their cars, Chibueze will tell them to drive towards a deserted place where we would lay ambush for them, dressed in police uniforms. We will stop them and demand to know what they are doing in such a deserted place. “We will over power them and tie their hands and legs while we take their valuables including their ATM card. “Two of us will go the bank and withdraw money from their account through their ATM. If there no much money in the account, we will release loosen the rope and disappear this will enable the person to untie himself and go home.” Eneji confessed that the gang had defrauded a lot of men before they were arrested. He said that the gang kept Olaseinde and Disi for several days to enable them (gang) deplete their ‘huge’ accounts.

On how Olaseinde was killed, he said: “I told him to come around 7pm and he told me that it was the perfect time to hang out. At about that time, he drove to the spot with his driver and Chibueze who was on ground joined him. “He directed them to the spot and we took over the car, tied him and his driver up. He did not have much cash with unlike the others. When we got to the bank, I realized that he had about N4.5million naira in his account. “Blindfolded, we took him further into the bush and decided to keep there for some days to enable us empty that account. A few days later we were arrested. I never knew that he did not escape. “The second victim, Mr Disi was not my contract. It was Elijah the leader of another group that contracted me to help execute the job. I became interested when he told me that the maga (late Disi) worked in Shell Petroleum. “All I did was to lure him to visit by promising him good sex. I do not know if they killed him because of the huge amount that was found in his account.
The truth is that we do not kill, but rob them of their valuables. We will sell the car, withdraw as much as we can from their accounts and disappear. We know that such crime might not be reported because the man will not tell his family or the police why he was robbed to protect his image. “It is unfortunate that they died; they were still breathing when we left them there. The only difference is that we did not loosen the rope so that they could easily escape.” On the role of the lady in their midst, Eneji said: “She is my fiancée and I normally use her to further convince our target to assume that we are real. If the target insists that I should come and see him, I will send my girl to go and meet him. She would be the one that will lure them to the spot where we can take over.” He goes by the names Cindy and Empress on Badoo.

“Once you search for beautiful models on Goggle search, you will have so many options. If you want so many toasters, select the ones that expose their breast. I am terribly sorry that these men died in the process. We found out that it is easier to collect money in exchange for sex. I dropped out of school because my rich relatives refused to help my mother to train us. I can only get money from them if I send a woman to go and seduce them. I am terribly sorry.” A member of the gang , Lekia Emmaden Isaac, said his own duty was to tie their victims. He said: “We have done that severally and when we return, we found that they have escaped. “I did not kill Olaseinde. All I did was to tie him up very well so that he would not escape immediately. I was shocked when I heard that he was found dead. It is possible that a snake attacked him since he was kept in a deserted area.”

Chibueze, a 17 year-old, who acted as domestic servant said his duty was just to take the victim to a spot where they would be attacked by the other members of the gang. “I did not participate in the main robbery; all I did was to take the suspect to the point where he would be robbed.” Gift Princess, the expectant mother said: “Olaseinde called, requesting that I should direct him. I then told him that my domestic servant would wait for him at the agreed spot. “He later called back complaining that he was not comfortable with the route that they passed through. Unfortunately, he was already at the spot and my fiancé, Eneji and others took over from there. “ I was only helping my husband to raise enough money to pay for my bride price.” The State Command Commissioner of Police, Tunde Ogunsakin said operatives acted based on a report by the family of one of their victims, Olaseinde that he had been kidnapped. “When his family waited for him and could not reach him,they lodged a complaint and I instructed the officer in charge of Anti Kidnapping, CSP Akan to hunt for the missing father of two. Through Intelligence gathering, we were able to arrest the gang .

They led us to Ebubu, Eleme, in Rivers state at an abandoned Shell pipeline borrowed pit where the corpse of Shola was lying decomposed. Ogunsakin said the suspects posed as women in most of these love dating site. As soon as they lured their victim, they would arrange a meeting. The lady’s duty is to meet with the men who are normally very rich. As soon as they get them, she will lure them to a secluded place and alert members of their gang. They would come and tie the person and then go ahead to withdraw money from his account through ATM”.

SEE Gov Aregbesola & Orji Uzor Kalu dancing Azonto (PHOTOS)

Osun State Governor Rauf Aregbesola and former Governor of Abia State Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu pictured dancing Azonto at the Walk-to-live event in Osun last week. See their legs.…lolz.. More pics after the cut:

'The World Do Not Appreciate Me Because I Am African' - Yaya Toure

According to report by Eurosport, the Ivory Coast international, who has won league titles in England, Spain and Greece as well as his homeland, is a key figure in City’s push for more silverware and is on the six-man shortlist for the Professional Footballers’ Association’s Player of the Season award.

And the 30-year-old echoed club colleague Samir Nasri‘s claim that only his birthplace has blocked him from being hailed as one of the best midfielders in the world.

“I think what Samir was saying was definitely true,” Toure told BBC Sport.

“To be honest, proper recognition has only come from the fans. I don’t want to be hard and I don’t want to be negative, but I want to be honest.”

Compatriot Didier Drogba and Cameroon striker Samuel Eto’o have also reached the top level of European football and Toure said: “Those players are more than legends for me and Africa.

“I am very proud to be African, I want to defend African people and I want to show to the world that African players can be as good as the Europeans and South Americans.”

Luis Suarez is a widespread odds-on favourite for the PFA award, with Liverpool team-mate Steven Gerrard and Chelsea’s Eden Hazard also ahead of Toure in the betting.

But the City star said he would “definitely” be unhappy to miss out, adding: ” As a champion, as a winner, I always want to win.”
Do you believe African players do not get enough respect compare to other continent players?

Check Out Maheeda's New Hairdo, Dyes Her Hair A BRIGHT RED

Maheeda who has been rocking braids for quite a long time, showed off her new look today! Another pics after the cut:


GUYS; How To Cope With Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction, or inability to consistently attain or sustain an erection sufficient for satisfactory s*xual performance occurs commonly and there may be need to get help if it lasts longer than two months or is recurring. It is a concern if the man has diabetes, heart disease or other health factors that can affect erectile function.

Is it normal?
Most males, at some point in their lives, will have difficulty getting or keeping an erection. This is normal in males of all age groups, not just older men.

Why it happens
Due to the increase of available prescription medications to treat erectile dysfunction, many people believe that ED is almost always caused by a physical or medical problem. But for most young persons who are healthy, erectile problems are usually the result of issues that are interpersonal (having to do with the relationship), situational or emotional in nature. If a man is able to get and maintain an erection during self service, it is unlikely that the cause of erectile problems is physical or medical.

Many factors can influence a man’s ability to get or maintain an erection. Erectile functioning is complex, and combines cognitive, behavioral, emotional, social, and physical features.

The most common causes include anxiety (work, school); stress; Fatigue; s*xual problems are often rooted in relationship problems (power, trust, intimacy). Feelings about partner (can influence s*xual response). Depression affects s*xual desire; too much alcohol may alter s*xual response, causing anxiety about attaining an erection in the future.
Other causes are medications diabetes. hormone deficiency, smoking and diet, are contributing factors.

How erections work
Three steps need to take place in order for the erection to occur, and then be maintained. First is s*xual arousal. The second step is the brain’s communication of the s*xual arousal to the body’s nervous system (which activates the blood flow).

Thirdly, a relaxation of the blood vessels that supply blood must occur, allowing the erection to take place. If something affects any of these three steps, arousal, nervous system response or the vascular system response or the interplay between them, erectile dysfunction can result.

Men are always capable of having s*x – Feeling tired or having concerns about schoolwork or family can affect the degree of a man’s desire and s*xual functioning. Men should not attempt intercourse if they are not in the mood.

Alcohol use causes erectile problems – While it is true that consuming too much alcohol can affect a man’s ability to get an erection, this doesn’t always happen and is usually the case with high doses of alcohol. For some men, particularly young men, alcohol use can reduce anxiety and actually facilitate erections.

Miss Nigeria 2013, Ezinne Akudo, Visits Nyanya Bomb Blast Victims (SEE PHOTOS)

Miss Nigeria 2013, Ezinne Akudo, visited hospitalised victims of the Nyanya bomb blast today Friday 18th April 2014 at the Maitama District Hospital, Abuja.

Ezinne and her team, brought provisions, toiletries and fruits. She also took time to speak with them and encourage them.

See photos below:

EXPOSED: Leaked Pictures of Female Student of Covenant University Caught In The Act

Pictures of a 100-level undergraduate at Covenant University have gone viral after she was
filmed twerking nude.The girl, whose story is now trending on social media site, Twitter, is simply known as “Bisi”.Another girl, also believed to be a student of the university, has tweeted her apologies for the leaked

"My breast are bewitched" - Woman laments (SEE PHOTOS)

This woman laments that are breast started growing big from the time she saw someone stealing her pants from the wire. Her breast is so big to the extent it causes her back pain. SEE PHOTOS HERE

SEE What These 2 girls Are Doing to Men that were Starring at them at the Beach

These ladies were about going to swim when they decided to entertain some men that have been starring at them. They really got them going crazy. SEE IT HERE

SEE Davido drinking garri & groundnut

WOW!!! We don't know celebs too do drink garri...Lol

WICKEDNESS: Woman helps angry crowd strip and hack husband to death (LOOK)

65-year-old Linda Khumalo from Mamelodi West in South Africa’s Tshwane, a well-known painter in the area, was stripped, whipped, stoned and hacked to death after being accused of molesting a 12-year-old girl by his community.

His wife was among those throwing stones at him and his 17-year-old daughter could only stand helplessly while her father was being killed.

Woman helps angry crowd strip and hack husband to death

His wife, Salome Mthapo, also 65, said: “I thought he learnt his lesson after what happened the last time.

“When I heard that people were beating him, I couldn’t resist and threw bottles and stones at him.

“But I never thought he would be killed. I’m heartbroken and regret my part in his death.”

Linda’s daughter Elizabeth Malantshwane said she was home when friends came to tell her that her father was being beaten in the street.

“My father was covered in blood and they kept assaulting him. I knew he was going to die when I saw someone hack him with a panga, splitting his head into two,” she said.

Linda’s nephew Bongani Khumalo (26) said: “No one deserves to die like that. If he did something wrong, they should have called the cops.”

A neighbour, who didn’t want to be named, said no one was able to stop the angry crowd, not even the police.

Captain Johannes Maheso said three suspects aged between 21 and 24 were arrested and appeared briefly in the Mamelodi Magistrates Court on Monday on a charge of murder.

10 Things That Are BETTER Than MONEY (SEE IT)

1. Life

It’s easy to forget that the mere fact of conscious existence–that you are alive–is itself a miracle. As the old saying goes “every day above ground is a good day.”

2. Health

Rather than thinking of illness as something bad that happens to you, start thinking of health as something good that’s happening to you.

3. Purpose

There is nothing more conducive to long-term happiness than knowing that your actions are making the world a better place.

4. Friendship

Almost everyone has friends, although it’s easy to lose track of them in the rush of events. Take a few minutes–today–to reconnect with some of them.

5. Family

If you’ve got a good relationship with your family, rejoice! You’re experiencing one of the deepest sources of happiness on the planet.

6. Self-reliance

Feeling secure that you can count on yourself to accomplish what you set out to accomplish creates a quiet but potent happiness.

7. Community

Having the support of a wider group makes you more aware that you’re part of something greater than yourself.

8. Gratitude

Rather than focusing on what you don’t have or what’s out of reach, be thankful for the wonderful things already in your life.

9. Laughter

It is impossible to laugh and be miserable at the same time. Regular doses of laughter are more than medicine… it’s the flavor of life.

10. Love

‘Nuff said.

Create these ten things in your life and I guarantee that you’ll either become more wealthy or, if not, you won’t really care anyway because you’ll already have what’s important.