Tuesday, December 1, 2015

He Wants To Marry Me, But I Am Not Attracted To Him, Please Advise

There's is a young man seriously in love with me but I'm far from liking him let alone love him yet he wouldn't stop, this his relenting spirit kinda attracted me to him but still I can't find a place in my heart to accommodate him, everything about him just irritate me, he laughs uncontrollably over my not so funny jokes, from the look of things he seems so happy and settled with me yet I'm at the opposite end, whenever we have a date I do keep an eye on my wrist watch and keep wishing time flies so fast.

But I discover he is serious and focused and sound to interact and have a meaningful convo with but his physical looks is just a big turn off, I really wanna give birth to lovely kids not some "oputu poyoyo" please y'all should not tell me to look beyond looks cos these things do come into play...I'm saying this cos my mouth no good oh, anyday we have any misunderstanding I might mistakenly yab away his future.

I have been postponing giving him a yes hoping for someone presentable to show these signs of seriousness but no way, now he has fix March for the main thing, all my thoughts now is how can I maneuver my way and make all my kids take after my beauty instead of his and it's my baby girl I'm so scared for cos most baby girls take over their dad.

Note: he's not rich oh just a struggling guy before y'all will conclude I'm into his money, the only thing is he acts different from the rest that will just act so sex starved, any focus girl wants a focused guy too but to tell y'all the truth I'm still in doubt since I don't feel a thing for him and he seem not to be bothered which I'm certain he will after the main thing.

Please to the lovely ladies that once said yes to a not so presentable guy(I mean a man with bending shaped head, undefined complexion and petit in nature how is the journey so far?

I Caught My Husband Sniffing My Niece's Panties

Dear Readers,
I caught my husband of five years sniffing the panties of my 15 years niece. I don't know if I should confront him or let the issue lie.
I also think he bought my niece a new blackberry phone because the day I insisted on making my niece tell me where she got the phone, he became too overprotective of her and we almost fought over the issue.

My niece recently lost her father, making my sister a widow who let go of her children to stay with her relatives, that is how my niece came to stay with me,
On the 26th of November 2015, I saw him at the backyard next to the heap of clothes my niece brought out to wash, he picked up a pant, my niece's pant and sniffed it, I almost screamed where I was.
Also I keep noticing the look they exchange, very flirtatious.

Lastly my niece is acting like she is his wife, she dishes his food even before the children's food, doesn't knock before opening the door of our bedroom, and the most disturbing is, she asks my husband where he is going when he wants to go out as if she is his wife, my husband is 37 and this girl is 15, I suggested to my husband that we send her off to a boarding school, he rejected the idea and even got angry with me saying it will affect the girl psychologically, as if I want to dump her in a boarding house and run away. I want to confront my husband but I have no evidence, and for my niece I respect my eldest sister so much that I don't know what to do, I feel like an outsider in my own home.

P.S. My husband is a banker and also a pastor at our church.

I sincerely need your advice.
Thank you.

Sad depressed housewife in Ikeja

Ben Bruce Replies Fan Who Criticized Him For Selling Popcorn For N800 At His Cinemas

Ben Bruce replies someone criticizing him for selling popcorn for N800 at his Cinemas. See it after the cut:

7 Signs She Is Only Using You For Sex

Every woman dream is to have a perfect man with perfect qualities (full options), the option of very good in bed is inclusive so let us not deceive ourselves. But it's so very unfortunate that most men can't have all the qualities. This option make most girls keep several men for different qualities. So right now I will only list the sex quality.

Here are 6 signs to note that she is only using you for sex.

1, She always wants you to talk dirty on the phone:. When all she want from you on the phone is to talk spoilt and dirty gist every time.

2, She doesn't bother you for cash:. When a girl only sees you as sex partner the chances for her to demand money from you is very low.

3, She does not talk future with you:. she always goes mute each time you raise anything futuristic gist, she will never contribute anything to it.

4, She only comes to your house when she is sex starved:. the minutes she enter your house she goes Straight to your bed and start cuddling you.

5, When she buys you Viagra:. anytime she is coming to your house she always come with Viagra or other sex performing drugs. Or she might demand that you buy them.

6, When she wants you to drink alcohol:. anytime she is around she want you to be high. She can even sacrifice her money to buy you some wine just for you to get tipsy.

7, When she still comes to you after getting married to someone else:. yes the fact she is married to someone else yet she still come to you for cuddling or sex.

Let me stop here. You can add yours

Submitted by T.K

'My Husband Is Still Toasting Me After 18 Years' - Actress Lami Phillips

Lami has been married to her man Labo for 11 years while they have known for 18 years.
The Toasting started 18 years ago and it is still interesting to know he is still toasting her.


''In some weeks i'd have been married to this man for 11 whole years! Thank you for never letting me go, thank you for snapping me up when i was young and just helping me discover myself.. Thank you for being my cheerleader and harshest critic.. Thanks for remaining my homie and praying partner.. Thanks for leading me to vocal lessons, studio etc.. For always celebrating me even when haters fronting as friends would criticise our choices.. Thanks for giving "us" permission to be different. Thanks for #bestie ..! She's crazy because you are (me i am normal and sane . Mostly thank you for teaching the difference between falling in love and being in love.. The difference between a relationship and commitment.. For always wanting to talk.. And for still toasting me after knowing me for 18yrs! We have lived a million lifetimes together.. We are partners.. Friends.. And we only just started.. God bless you @labillion''

See What Happens When You Mistakenly Shout 'Sai Baba' In A Fuel Queue

Some Nigerians can be damn crazy.This one really cracked me up.Seriously it is not easy to govern a nation like Nigeria.

Pastor Impregnates Teenage Girl, Then Marries Her With Wife's Blessing

A 60-year-old Ohio mob enforcer-turned-pastor has married his teenage bride after he got her pregnant- and with the blessing of his 44-year-old wife.

“The whole situation works for all three of us,” Thom Miller said according to Barcroft Media.

“I am the only one who is allowed to have more than one partner — and both of my wives understand and appreciate that.”

Miller is now building a bigger home so he can split his time between his two ladies, whom he calls sister wives.

And he believes their polygamous lifestyle is strengthening family ties.

Miller met his 19-year-old gal pal, Reba Kerfootruba, seven years after he married his wife, Belinda.

“I wanted to have more of a family — having another lady in the house not only makes our family whole but individually it’s a beautiful thing because it’s like having a sister around,” Belinda said. “Thom is the love of my life and Reba is the blessing of my life, so it all works.”

Violence Escalates At APC Headquarters in Abuja

According to TheCable news, there is an on-going outbreak of violence at the headquarters of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Abuja when suspected thugs arrived the party secretariat.

The APC cheftains are expected to name the replacement for the Kogi suplementary poll today.

About 1, 000 suspected thugs arrived the secretariat of the party where APC leaders are holding a meeting over the Kogi state election.

The thugs came in buses marked ‘Dekina’, a local government area in the‎ state. On sighting Yahaya Bello, who arrived at the secretariat ‎at 2:48pm, they went out of control, attempting to attack him. It took the effort of security agents to smuggle Bello from their midst.

Former President Goodluck Jonathan Escapes Death By Whiskers In Bayelsa

Former President Goodluck Jonathan escaped death this morning when some suspected militants working for the opposition party in Bayelsa State drove into his convey, according to Leadership newspaper.

The men, who intercepted and drove into a short motorcade conveying the former President from the Julius Berger bridge area of the state capital Yenagoa, trailed and chased the motorcade to the entrance of the Yenagoa private residence of the former President in the Kpansia area of the town, before they were overpowered and arrested by a combined team of security operatives attached to the former President.

Members of the arrested gang have been taken to the Bayelsa State Police Command for further investigation and interrogation.

See What 2face Idibia Said About Having More Children

Popular music legend, 2face Idibia is unsure if he is going to have more children, says that Africans never stop counting babies until they stop having them.

The pop star made this statement during an interview with Encomium, when asked if he will have more children.

In his words: “More babies? Well, I don’t know, still calculating.”

“My job takes me away most of the time and sometimes I spend only two days in a month in the house, but I try as much as possible to create time for my family, despite my busy schedule. In Africa, you never stop counting babies until you stop, but I’m good, just kidding”

2face is known to be one of the top Nigerian celebrities who have more than one baby mama. Though he is now married to Nollywood actress, Annie Idibia, he already has 7 children out of 3 mothers.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Governor Nasir El-Rufai sits on the floor during a meeting

The Kaduna state Governor was pictured sitting on bare floor at a Town Hall Meeting recently...

Davido shares adorable photo with his daughter

The proud daddy shared the pic on Instagram..

See The love between our Minister of Transport and his wife (photos)

Despite many years together that the love is still strong. See more pics after the cut...

OMG! See What Korede Bello Did On Stage

Caption: Mega in action. @koredebello in #Togo #bellovers #Mavins #SMD

Don't Be Deceived, Politicians Are Liars - Jonathan

Ahead of the December 5 gubernatorial election in Bayelsa State, ex-president Goodluck Jonathan has warned youths to be wary of sweet-talking politicians or get carried away by their lies.